22 August 2014

French Skincare Favourites

french skincare favourites
J'adore the French and their beautiful skin. I have a whole heap of French beauty brands in the hope that continual use will make me look more like those ladies across the pond. There is something about the French woman that we all want a little of; that messy but impeccably neat hair, fresh and simple makeup and those cigarette pants - tres bonne! When it comes to skincare brands I love, majority of them are French Pharmacy brands. My favourite brands and products include La Roche Posay (Effaclar Duo+) , Avene (Thermal Spray) Vichy (Idealia Life Serum), Kadalys (Banana Balm*) and Guinot (Eye Mask).

If you would like me to review any of the products in the photo above just let me know. I'd love to hear what your French skincare recommendations are!

p.s I've been short-listed in the Yahoo LFW competition, if you enjoy reading my blog you can vote for me to report live from London Fashion Week here :) thank you! 


  1. The banana balm and eye mask are two products I'd love to read more about. I know it's that typical blogger favourite but Bioderma has to be up there for me one of the first Micellar waters I tried so handy for camping/weekends away :) xx


    1. I've reviewed the eye mask here- http://makemeupkia.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/eye-creams-gels-review.html but i'll get onto review the Banana Balm for you :)

  2. Definitely do a review please thanks! I've just bought the Vichy Night Detox cream quite liking it so far! xx

  3. i love french women, style and just overall beauty. people always tell me i have a very french fashion sense but i cant compare in looks to these beautiful women. Emma watson is part french and has quite a french style, would you ever do a post about how to get her style or beauty? Also Clemence Poesy is french and she always looks great! p.s i voted for you! :)
    Rosalie x

    1. Thanks so much Rosalie! I adore Emma's style too, I know there are other bloggers who could write about her style/beauty looks better than me! x

  4. hey sweetie!!!

    congrats!! totally love your blog!
    you have such an amazing sense of style! you have inspired me
    in so many ways! you ae very good looking and beautiful!!!

    What about following me too and checking out my work?

    you can find me at http://www.fashionrailways.com

    greetings from the sunny Greece



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