10 August 2014

My Makeup Story

Naturally beauty is a big part of my life; I spend my days writing and reading about it and my wages go on buying beauty bits. We all have our reasons for why we love beauty so much and this is my makeup story. We won't talk about my very first ever encounter with makeup which involves red lipstick, my Nana's new cream carpet and tears.

Mum knows best
I don't know if it was my mum that encouraged me to use makeup or I just stole her stuff. I do remember when I was about 5 I was walking with my Mum, I don't know where we were going or what we were doing but she turned and said to me - "I can't wait until you're older and we can talk about makeup". For some reason that particular moment stuck with me. Fifteen years later and my mum got her wish, we're always borrowing each others makeup and trying out new looks on each other.
First makeup buys
Back in the day I was all about Miss Sporty and 2True makeup. I went for cheap and cheerful products because that meant I could buy more. I started wearing makeup when I was about 12 and my first few purchases were a translucent powder, concealer stick and clear mascara. A few years on and I'd progressed onto the likes of Maybelline and Bourjois which was quite a new brand at the time. Like every teen I picked up the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in a shade that was far too dark for me.
Middle school makeup problems
In year 8 I went through a black eye liner phase. I would rim my entire eye with a black pencil from Natural Collection, not a great look. I went to boarding school and there was a strict no makeup policy. I would get told off on a daily basis for wearing mascara but that still didn't stop me. I remember getting told of for keeping my eye liner in the common room fridge, "But Miss it makes it so much easier to sharpen"...
Looking back now I know I should of worn less makeup. I think with what I know now I still would've worn a little makeup to school but just opted for more natural looking products.
Discovering beauty blogs
In 2010 I came across my first beauty blog. I couldn't believe there was a community of like-minded people out there who loved makeup as much as me. I haven't looked back since and don't go a day without reading a blog. I love discovering new brands and products. I feel very grateful that my blog has allowed me to do this.

I still get excited about buying a new products. You know when products are so beautiful you don't want to use it but instead keep it on display on your dressing table? I love having a brand new, unused lipstick and that feeling when you dip your finger into an untouched jar of moisturiser. Am I weird?

I'd love to know your makeup story and how it all started for you.


  1. My makeup story is so boring throughout school, I didn't really wear makeup at all. Blogging definitely got me into it more than anything xx

  2. I really love how original this post is, I've never seen one like this before! I love how blogging helps you to see loads of new products and get opportunities :)

    Mia xx


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