5 August 2014

Rapid White Instant Whitening System Review

Rapid White Instant Whitening System review
Rapid White Instant Whitening System review
Rapid White Instant Whitening System review

I'm forever on the hunt for a at home teeth whitening kit that actually works. My teeth are naturally not very white despite not smoking or drinking coffee, what's all that about?

I've never tried dentist-level whitening (he told me not to) so I've had to put my faith in drugstore products. There is no shortage of teeth whitening products on the highstreet. I trialled the iWhite teeth whitening kit last year and also the Blanx White Shock toothpaste and now I'm back testing another teeth whitening kit in the hope for a whiter smile.

The Rapid White Instant Whitening System consist of 14 dissolving tooth whitening strips, a brush-on tooth gloss and an instant whitening toothpaste. Immediately, the tooth whitening strips appear to be UK's answer to the Crest Whitening Strips. The Crest strips aren't available in the UK because they have a higher % of Hydrogen Peroxide than what is legal in Britain and most of Europe. I've never tried the Crest strips myself because of this so I was really excited to see Rapid White were launching their own version that are safe to use in the UK.

The whitening kit is designed to be used over 7 days and claims to whiten teeth up to 4 shades. I have the Max Effect kit but they also make one specially for sensitive teeth. I used all 3 products in conjunction for one week and have mixed feeling about the product.

Tooth Dissolving Strips
The strips are transparent and flexible making them easy and simple to apply. Once stuck on your teeth they won't budge and you can talk easily with them on. I have a really small mouth so sometimes struggled to apply the strip without it sticking to my lips. I ended up cutting them in half before applying and that made it a lot easier for me (#smallmouthproblems). These claim to have a minty flavour but once they started to dissolve I had a horrible dentist-like taste in my mouth. You can avoid this by spitting out once the strips have dissolved. After leaving on for 7-10 minutes you rinse your mouth out with water a follow with brushing your teeth.

Instant Whitening Toothpaste
You use this toothpaste like you would with any other. This promises to instantly whiten teeth up to 1 and a 1/2 shades lighter after one use. The formula safely removes stains,plague and polishes the surface of the teeth. The toothpaste is also sold separately so I tested this out for one week prior to using the whole kit. After a couple of uses I started to notice little white specks on my teeth and noticed the looked a lot brighter. I love how fresh this left my mouth feeling. It has a blend of PVP and Pentasodium Triphosphate working together to remove stains and prevent tartar build up.

Brush-on Tooth Gloss
The only product I really didn't get on with. This gloss is designed to seal in shine. You brush it onto dry teeth which does leave them looking shiner however, I only used this twice as both times didn't go well. On the first occasion I used this in the morning after brushing my teeth. Later on in the day I went out for lunch and had a Coke and almost immediately I could feel the texture on my teeth had gone really rough where I had applied the gloss. When I got home I looked in the mirror to discover my teeth had been stained brown from the Coke. Luckily I only tried the gloss on my four front teeth so I could quickly scrap off any excess gloss. The second time I applied it at night. The following day I was at work and had a cup of tea and couldn't feel any difference in the texture this time. Nevertheless, when I checked on my teeth in the mirror they were stained with an unpleasant dark brown shade which I had to scrap off again.

Apart from the brush-on gloss, this isn't a bad little kit. It's not going to leave you with computer-paper white teeth, it does only claim to brighten up to 4 shades. You will get a healthy white smile and teeth that look brighter then before. I doubt many of my friends and family would notice a difference in colour but they look whiter to me. Because I didn't get on well with the brush on gloss I wouldn't purchase the kit but I would buy the tooth whitening strips (£22.99) and toothpaste ( £7.99) separately.

Rapid White Instant Whitening System* £34.99 available from Boots. 


  1. I'm on the hunt for a great whitening kit too. Love the sound of the whitening strips!

    Lauren| thatgirlcalledlauren.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Great honest review! I am rather tempted by the strips and toothpaste. I'm in exactly the situation as you, I don't drink caffeine or smoke yet the natural colour of my teeth is awful :( I've been tempted by dentist whitening but I'm not sure as I have such sensitive teeth :( I think I may look into these two products!

    Peach Pow XO

  3. I use the Crest whitening strips, I had no idea that's why they weren't available in the UK though! I've absolutely loved the results they've given me, and may purchase these strips or the toothpaste to just keep my teeth looking whiter after I've run out of my Crest ones :) it'll be hard to get used to strips that dissolve though, haha! Even if your teeth only go a few shades whiter, it really does make a lot of difference, doesn't it.
    Thanks for a lovely review! :)
    - amyalaska x

  4. These strips sound worth a try - any difference is better than nothing :-) xx


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