17 August 2014

The £5 Skincare Routine

best budget skincare products
£5 skincare routine
budget skincare routine
Skincare isn't something I really cared about up until a couple of years ago. I would usually scrimp on face wash and opt for face wipes so I could spend my money on more important things like Cosmopolitan and Topshop jeans. These days I'm obsessed with skincare and actually get excited about washing my face.

My current skincare routine:
AM- Eucerin Dermo Cleanser, La Roche Posay Eau Spring Water, L'oreal Skin Perfection Eye Cream, Avene Moisturiser.
PM- Eucerin Micellar Water, Eucerin Dermo Cleanser, No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser, L'oreal Skin Perfection Eye Cream, Trilogy Rosehip Oil.
There are also some skincare products that I reach for less often such as my LUSH Mask of Magnanimity, Vichy Spot Gel, Jurlique Rose Water Mist and Botanics All Bright Facial Scrub.

Inspired by Annie's $3000 Skincare Routine post, I wanted to try something a little different. I gave myself a budget of £5 to get a whole new skincare routine. With that I headed off into town with a fiver in one hand and some self -doubt in the other.

Man, it was harder than I thought it would be. What was I thinking, a whole skincare routine for £5?

My first stop was trusty old Boots and to my joy a lot of their skincare products were on offer. Even so, I soon discovered I wouldn't be able to pick up any skincare 'treats'. I had to stick to the basics - cleanser, toner and moisturiser. Browsing the Time Delay stand (because it was half price) I came across the Time Delay Daily Brightening Toning Water (£2.24). This is toner/mild exfoliator in one. A possible drugstore dupe for the Clarins Exfoliating Toner? After using this for the past 3 weeks I have noticed my skin appears brighter and this has helped to even out my skintone. A definite repurchase for me.

With just £1 left to spend my thrifty feet went over to Savers. There wasn't a lot of choice when it came to moisturisers with SPF. I'll only wear moisturiser if it contains sun protection but there was nothing. However, I did come across this Nivea Soft Cream (£1.00) which is suitable for face, hands and body. Multi-tasking products are key when it comes to skincare on a budget. This moisturising cream has been my go-to day and night moisturiser. It's really hydrating, sinks in quickly and I love that Nivea scent - so comforting!

Last stop, cleanser. As the two previous product weren't specifically suited towards my skin type I wanted to pick up a cleanser designed for combination skin. Cuticura have just launched a skincare range targeted towards the three main skin concerns. I went for the Cuticura Shine Control Facial Cleanser (£1.79). My skin isn't very shiny but it is prone to breakouts. The wash is enriched with Zinc PCA and Cucumber Extract to combat oiliness. I wasn't a fan of the cucumber scent but this isn't a bad little cleanser. Doesn't foam up too much, removes makeup and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight.

I really enjoyed doing this challenge over the past 3 weeks. I'm afraid the total of this routine is actually 3p over budget, whoops! Out of the 3 products I tried the Time Delay Toner was my favourite and i'll continue to use all of these. I have missed using a facial oil and my weekly face mask. I'm very confident that if you just doubled the budget to £10 you could get a selection of really great skincare products from the highstreet. 

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