19 October 2014

Beauty Advice I Would Give To My Younger Self

Aaah those innocent younger years of experimenting. I spent most of middle school with no eyebrows, cringey blonde highlights and an over powering scent of Versace Red Jeans. Mum, why did you not stop me? I've burnt all photos of me from 2002-2009 and come up with a few beauty tips I would give to my younger self.

- Don't cut off your side burns. Everyone has them, they are normal.
- Cheap shop bought wax strips will end in you crying in the bath trying to gently remove the strip.
- Don't share mascara.
- Hair mascara is never ok; unless it's for fancy dress then proceed.
- Don't put Typex on your teeth to whiten them.
- Powder should not be worn alone all over as foundation.
- Stop picking split ends, it's just making them worse.
- Expensive products don't always mean they will be any good.
- Your mum knows best.
- Stop trying to cover up your freckles.
- Don't buy that foundation three shades darker than your skin colour because you want to look like you've spent 2 weeks in Ibiza.
- Stop rimming your entire eye with black kohl liner.
- Always wash your hands after self tanning.
- Don't shave your eyebrows or anywhere on your face for that matter.
- Stop matching your headband with your cardigan and tshirt.

What advice would you give to your younger self?


  1. Don't cover your lips in concealer. The dead look is not a good look!


  2. Ahhhha! Mine would be biting nails, expensive meaning better (the W7 chubby cheek dupes are amazing), with you on sideburn chopping oops x

  3. loved this post haha! Especially the cutting off sideburns bit haha x


  4. Another great tip id give to myself would be don't bathe in perfume. Two squirts is plenty.

  5. haha i love this! Great post! :) I once shaved between my eyebrows to get rid of a monobrow. oh how naive!



    1. Hi .. I did the same exact thing :D hahha

  6. Such a good post! If I could give my younger self some advice it would be; not to over pluck eyebrows (eyebrows that look like comma's are not good!), always blend foundation properly (tide marks are also not good) and make sure to get properly colour matched for foundation, colour should come from bronzer not foundation. I'm with you on not applying powder all over the face instead of foundation. Natasha Paris x

  7. Mine would be don't over pluck your eyebrows (especially at the top of the brows)! Love your advice, especially 'Your mum knows best.' SO TRUE. xo


  8. Aw I love this post! honestly, I'd probably tell my younger self to hold off wearing make up for as long as possible, once you start it's all downhill from there haha x

  9. OMG I just wrote about sharing makeup on my blog like literally two minutes ago.. Can you give it a read ? :D mascara is mentioned BTW

  10. haha! I love this! I would tell my younger self to put down the tweezers! I'm still recovering now!



  11. Hi Kia,
    I'm so pleased to tell you that you have inspired me to start my own blog! Check it out at cutenesswithrosalie.blogspot.com

    Rosalie x

  12. Hi Kia,
    firstly i wouldnt tell my younger self anything as i am 14 but am really embrassed to say i do one of the things you mentioned (powder all over instead of foundation!)
    i also want to say that you have inspired me to create my own blog, ive just started and its called. cutenesswithrosalie.blogspot.com pleeeaasssseee check it out and mention it to others if you like it! Thanks,
    Rosalie x

  13. I would tell myself that silver lipstick with brown lipliner is a look no one wants to see! ...And I thank the mean girl at school that commented on my harsh foundation 'gravy line' that stopped at my jaw. x


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