4 October 2014

Collection Big Fake Curves Mascara Review

 collection big fake curves mascara

collection big fake curves review
Wowsers, just look at the size of those balls. The new Big Fake Curves mascara from Collection has possibly the biggest balls I've ever seen on a mascara brush. Described as their 'biggest' ever mascara, Big Fake Curves promises to volumize lashes giving you that false lash effect.

The hourglass shaped wand took some getting us to, those with small eyes or short lashes might struggle with the size. Firstly I applied it by wiggling side to side from root to tip then going in for a second coat just using the tip of the brush. The mascara does definitely curl lashes and add volume. Although, I'm not sure how well it would work if you had really straight eyelashes. Delicately brushing just the tip on the bottom lashes creates that 60's inspired doll-eyed look which I love. I didn't get any clumping or flaking from this so overall not a bad, budget-friendly mascara.

COLLECTION Big Fake Curves Mascara* £4.99 from Boots and Superdug. Available in Ultra Black and Ultra Black Waterproof. 


  1. The brush looks fantastic, definitely need to pick this up x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  2. Big mascara wands have me struggling everytime ._. But they do curl and volumize though ;) great post .. I just wrote a beauty news post on my blog , would you mind checking it out ??

  3. I quite like the look of this brush, I have curved eyelashes anyway so I'm sure this would be good for me, it's a great price too!


    Em's Mixed Bag.....

  4. I love the look of the wand. I've never tried a mascara like this!


  5. That is a interesting looking brush! My lashes are quite straight and flat so not sure how well it would work for me xx


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