30 October 2014

Halloween Makeup Inspiration

I'm typically quite unprepared when it comes to Halloween. I'm not one of those people who plan their costume or even what they're doing on the 31st. This year I've come up with a few beauty picks which will make getting ready for Halloween a whole lot easier. You probably already have most of these beauty bits in your stash anyway! Think of this as the ultimate lazy girls guide to Halloween, you're welcome. 

If there's just one must-have makeup item you need for Halloween it's black eye liner. It has a cornucopia of uses. Use it as lipstick, to draw spider webs on your face, create a skull mask or get the perfect cat eye look. I like the No7 Stay Perfect Line and Define liner in 'Black Shimmer' as the colour has a hint of sparkle to it. Up the eye game with a strong smokey eye like seen on models at Roberto Cavalli. Use The Joan Collins Misty Blacks & Silver Quad* to create a smoulderingly spooky look. Take the white shade and apply to the inner corners, then blend the darkest two colours on the outer edge of the eyes. The pigmentation of this palette is excellent and perfect for adding some glamour to your Halloween makeup. Pair the look with slicked back hair and nude lips. If you don't have nude lipstick, pat concealer over the lips. I find the Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer not too drying. For your base you could either go for the extreme matte look using something like Glo & Ray's Velvet Two Way Cake Powder*.  You could apply this all over your face, brows and lips for a zombie-like complexion. Alternatively you could channel your inner Edward Cullen and apply the L'oreal Lumi Magique Primer. The luminous white base will give you a creepy alien-like sheen. If you didn't want to go for black or nude lips there is something very Halloween-y about a deep red pout. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets do not budge once dried so perfect for fright night. Don't forget those talons too. Opt for an almost black shade if you're no good at nail art for a effortlessly simple Halloween nails. 

What are your Halloween plans this year?


  1. Love your recommendations! Definitely agree that black eyeliner has a multitude of uses! xx

  2. I think I'm dressing up as a skeleton cat for Halloween, though I'll be in the middle of the bush doing some photography work, why not though? Lol.

  3. cant go wrong with dark nails for Halloween! Xx



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