12 October 2014

What Product Can't You Live Without?

We all have that one beauty item we couldn't live without. For me, concealer is my security blanket. I first discovered it's majestical powers when playing with my Mum's makeup. I was born looking tired and my dark circles were making me feel insecure so I rummaged through my Mum's makeup bag and came across a Max Factor Pan Stick which I smeared under my eyes like war paint and my dark circles were gone! I thought it was the best thing ever but I actually had two orange stripes under my eyes which wasn't my greatest make up moment. As a teen I quickly became obsessed with teen magazines such as 'Girl Talk' and 'Shout' and I remember reading that you should use a yellow concealer to hide dark circles. I spent a whole weekend hunting down the NYX Yellow Corrector which I would pat on followed by applying the Natural Collection Liquid Concealer using my 'Forever Friends' mirror. Those two makeup items boosted my confidence so much, I was hooked on the stuff.

My affection for concealer has increased throughout the years. Like any relationship it has had its bad days. There was the one that creased like crazy, the one with highlighting particles which looked more like glitter and the one that actually managed to make me look even more tired. I've tested pretty much every concealer on the market and I don't think I've found the one yet.

My dependency on concealer isn't healthy. I buy the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in bulk just incase I happened to misplace all nine. Some people carry lipstick in their handbags for touch-ups, but I always tote my -yep you guessed it- concealer. It's not yet become an addiction, I can venture out in public without the good stuff but a pair of sunglasses is needed as a replacement.

I will always love concealer. Watching your insecurities fade away as you apply it is so satisfying. It makes me feel better about myself and I don't feel ready for the day without a little concealing. Is it possible to be in love with a makeup item? Don't be silly. This is stronger than love.

Can you relate? What's your cosmetic security blanket?


  1. Have you tried YSL Touche eclat? I'm still hunting for my holy grail concealer, too. I'm just about to buy Boing, unless you have any advice against that? I have dehydration lines, dark circles and milia to handle. So, i need something thick, durable and non-creasing.

    1. Boing is ok, it didn't wow me and I'm not sure if I'd repurchase. I like the Seventeen Phoawr paint which is less drying and conceals just as well. I find yellow toned concealers work best for me though!

  2. Concealer is a must have for me too, I look sooooo tired without it!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  3. don't think I could live without concealer! Still haven't found one that works absolute wonders yet though :( Xx


  4. I find that concealer looks really odd on me and I'm still trying to find 'the one'. xx

    Grace | Glitter and Carousels

  5. I can't live without my mascara ...
    My lashes have a pretty good length but they grow straight forward and they can make me look like I have no lashes :S I need mascara to lift them up and I have to worry about nothing else going on with the rest of my face :D

  6. I use about 3 different concealers daily too so you're not alone, I have to worst dark circles!

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  7. Wow you have a lot of concealers!! And I thought I was a concealaholic ;-) I couldn't live without it either xx

  8. I dont think i could live without Touche Eclat and the Smashbox BB eye cream they are soo good!


  9. My two 'I would die without' products are mascara and concealer. If I had nothing else in my massive stash I'd have to have those 2 items. I'm also looking for the perfect concealer and am currently using 3, seeing your stash I now feel much better about owning 3 at once!! I'm glad to hear that you like the 17 Phworr paint as that is my next purchase to try. I must say that I like the Rimmel Match perfection one & I'm searching to see if I can find anything better than that so far.


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