31 October 2014

What's Your Beauty Horror Story?

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In homage of Halloween I thought I'd share will you some beauty horror stories. We all have them; Whether they are overheard in the toilets, passed down through generations or something that has happened to you. Here are some of my awkward experiences for your amusement. Don't try these at home.

- Already 15 minutes late I realised before leaving the house that my legs were quite hairy. It was summer and I wanted to show off my new Tammy Girl dress so I swung my legs over the bathroom sink, grabbed my razor and started shaving sans water. Dry shaving is never a good idea unless red, painfully sore legs is the look you're going for.
- When I was 13 I decided one day my bottom eyelashes were too long. To put a stop to this madness I cut them off. They grew back all prickly and I couldn't blink without wincing for three days. 
- My Mum asked me to dye her eyebrows for her so I did. After applying the dye I went away and completely forgot to go back and remove it. The solution was left on for twice as long as it was suppose to. She didn't appreciate her new black brows and surprisingly she's not asked me to do it again.
- When I was younger I thought my sideburns made me look like a boy so I cut them off and hide the evidence under my Mum's bed.
- In year 6 I watched in amazement as my friends huddled in the school toilets applying Typex to their teeth to whiten them. 
- I once witnessed a friend spray her lady sparts with deodorant followed by her immediately regretting  the decision as the burning began.
- I love a good bargain but buying waxing strips from the 99p store was not a good idea. I'd never tried waxing before and chickened out on the first strip so spent an hour in the bath crying whilst trying to delicately peel it off. 

Please share your beauty horror stories so I don't feel so bad. 


  1. Tippex on teeth??!! OMG! I completely over plucked my eyebrows when I was younger and I had a few disasters with fake tanning wipes! xx

  2. Buying the wrong foundation when i was about 13, thinking i looked great, but nope i looked as though i had been tangoed big time no wonder people kept looking at me but for the wrong reasons! :( xx

  3. At 13 I persuaded my mum to buy my first makeup item - I only applied it on the lower waterline for years!

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  4. Haha this post is hilarious!! I've done the legs one before :/ and tipex on teeth?! I remember experimenting with fake tans when I was 14 and it was a long road until I found the perfect one and learned how to use them!! X



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