24 October 2014

Why You Should Invest In Lip Liner

how to use lip liner

Lip liner used to scare me; It conjured up images of Victoria Beckham, Pamela Anderson and basically anyone else who wore lipstick in the nineties. This put me off trying lip liner for ages until I discovered it powers after reading Lisa Eldridge recommend it. 

My favourite way to wear lip liner is to use it as a lipstick. I trace my lip line with a pencil followed by shading in the whole lip. This looks really nice worn alone and is great for altering your lip shape and creating the perfect pair of pillowy lips. You can also layer a lipstick on top, this will help your lipstick stay on longer too. To avoid the lip line looking too harsh and unnatural, gently rub the edges with your finger tip to blur the outline. If you wanted a more natural look you can add a subtle hint of colour by applying lip liner over lip balm. To cheat a Jolie-esque pout, apply a gloss in the center of your lips and cupid's bow over your chosen shade of liner and say hello to your new bee-stung pout.

My go to brand for lip liner is No7. I love that the pencil doesn't need sharpening and that the formula is nice and soft which helps to apply the product. 'Nude' is the perfect my-lips-but-better shade, slightly pink with a hint of brown. I also adore 'Blush' which is a soft, delicate red. Rimmel and Max Factor also do good lip liners. 

Thanks to celebrities such a Kylie Jenner being pro-liner it seems more people are embracing its lip-enhancing goodness. If you're yet to try it I recommend giving it a go, let me know how you get on!


  1. I agree lip liner is really important to keep things tidy, I tend to go for bargain ones though like Essence's :) x

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  2. I fallen in love with lip liners too this year, I too wasn't quite sure to how to pull it off without looking scarily cray cray, but using them over the whole lip definitely helps prevent that! xx

  3. I never used to use lip liner much, but once I started to wear darker lip shades I noticed how much more precise application looks as well as making the lips look more defined. I think the GOSH ones are quite good. :) x

    Beauty In My Mind - Beauty Blog UK

  4. I agree, lip liners can be great to use on their own rather than just as a base for lipstick. I need to find a nice bude one xx


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