30 November 2014

Stop Saving Things For Best

We all have those special products which we save for 'best'. We hide away the lovely things that make us feel amazing because we feel like we don't deserve a treat. Saving things for best is silly, and something I do myself. We are waiting for a more deserving occasion that may or may not ever come. We are alive right now and who knows when our time will end? I say light that fancy candle, wear Chanel to Tesco, use that expensive lipstick and pour the luxury bath foam with abandon. Stop saving things for best and enjoy them now, whilst you still can.

Are you guilty of saving things for best?

29 November 2014

Get Ready This Christmas With Joan Collins Beauty

joan collins timeless beauty review
For those glamorous ladies in your life, Joan Collins has an array of luxury beauty gifts for you to give this year. The Timeless Beauty collection consists of luxurious skincare, makeup and fragrances. The range aims to channel the passion, elegance, attitude and vision of Joan Collins herself. Get ready to feel sassy.

A sophisticated compact mirror may be a good gift choice for those who like to touch up on-the-go. This 4x magnifying mirror is decorated with 288 crystals and comes in a black velvet pouch. Eyebrows frame the face so it's important to invest in a compact that can give you natural looking brows. This Brow & Eye Definition kit contains a brown powder, a charcoal powder to deepen the eyebrow tone, a highlighter and a setting wax. It also includes mini tweezers, an angled brush and spoolie. I love that this compact perfect for travelling. If you know someone who loves their liner why not treat them to a glamourous-looking eyeliner? I love the pigment and staying power of the Frame Line Eyeliner. The wand allows the product to glide on effortlessly and the packaging looks very fancy!

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty is available to buy online here, from QVC and Urban Retreat at Harrods. 

*pr samples

26 November 2014

New In From The Body Shop

the body shop christmas range review
body shop christmas 2014

When it comes to good-enough-to-eat scented beauty products, The Body Shop wins every time. The newest releases are no exception so get ready for a flurry of heart-eyed emojis. There's a whole heap of new product launches and I'm here to help you choose what to buy because I love you; and I love The Body Shop more.

Feeling festive? There are plenty of seasonal appropriate scents for you to indulge in. 'Glazed Apple' is new for 2014 and smells even better than you'd imagine. The cute lip balm pictured above would make an adorable stocking filler. If you fancy something sweeter, the 'Vanilla Brûlée' collection will satisfy that sweet tooth. The creamy, indulgent scent really lingers on the skin so others can enjoy it too. 

It's easy to forget The Body Shop also have a range of makeup. 100% Vegan and cruelty free are words not usually associated with nail varnish. The Colour Crush polishes come in 26 mood-lifting shades. They apply smoothly, dry quickly and last around 5 days with a top coat. 'Relish The Moment' is the perfect festive red to paint your finger tips with. Channel the cold winter weather too with the new Frosted Pastels Eye Palette. The festive-themed compact contains 4 frosty shades, a double-ended brush and generous sized mirror.

the body shop red musk oil review
Red Musk perfume oil is a spicy, warm fragrance perfect for the festive season. Red Musk perfume oil is a spicy, warm fragrance perfect for the colder months. It contains notes of pepper, cinnamon, tobacco and musk. The mix sounds quite heavy but it's the opposite. The perfume manages to remain elegant and feminine without using any floral or sweet scents. This is a very unique woman's perfume which kinda smells like being hugged by a man.

To get you through the busy months ahead, The Body Shop has recently launched the new Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate. The formula is packed with stem cells of a rare flower that grows in Alpine air. This flower, Edelweiss, has incredible resilience abilities, so it can thrive through harsh temperatures - this can be used in skincare to encourage skin renewal, promising a youthful-looking glow to the eyes with regular application. The roller ball applicator helped to cool and soothe the under-eye area. The product itself feels very light-weight and makes concealer go on beautifully.

I'm suddenly feeling all festive! What's on your Christmas wishlist from The Body Shop?

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25 November 2014

Comfort Zone Makeup

We all have those foolproof items of clothing we reach for when we're stuck in a rut. That dress which works for any occasion or those shoes you're guaranteed to get complimented on. When it comes to makeup I'm pretty much the same. I have a selection of beauty products that I know I can rely on 100%. I know they work for me and can boost my confidence in an instance.

Collection Lasting Perfect Concealer
This classic crowd pleaser is a concealer must-have for me. I have repurchased this so many times I've lost count. Blemishes, dark circles, love bites..this budget-buy covers them all.
Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation
The foundation I trust the most. I know this will last all day, provide full coverage and matches my skintone perfectly. I don't wear this everyday but instead save it for special occasions such as job interviews, events or just when I want my skin looking it's best.
Max Factor Flipstick in Gipsy Red
This doubled-ended lipstick features one creamy colour and one shimmery shade. I always swipe on this lipstick when I need a pick-me-up as it instantly brightens my complexion. It's a gorgeous orange-y red shade which looks great against pale skin.
Bourjois One Seconde Volume Mascara
This has been my go-to mascara ever since I've had it. It's brilliant at lengthening and curling lashes. If I want my eyelashes looking their best I'll opt for this.
Seventeen Tattoo Me Liquid Liner
I have mentioned this product a few times on here already. This liner has to be the best, long-lasting liquid liner I've tried. It really doesn't budge all day, a drugstore must-have.
No7 Lip Liner in Blush 
My go-to lip liner brand of choice. These have a smooth creamy formula and are easy to apply without leaving a harsh, unnatural looking line. 'Blush' is a light red, natural looking shade.
L'oreal Lumi Magique Primer
I love a glowy complexion, I'll choose that any day over a matte finish. I adore liquid highlighters, and with it's cool-toned frosty white shade, this is ideal for fair complexions. I apply a generous amount of this all over under my base then dot a little more over foundation on my cheekbones.

What makeup products feature in your comfort zone line up?

24 November 2014

Favourite Drugstore Foundations

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse £5.99
This is a liquid mousse so it has quite a thick texture but still blends into the skin easily and doesn't feel cakey. I have the shade 'Ivory' which is the second lightest and is a tad too dark for my pale skin. It has pink, almost grey undertone to it. I apply this with my RT flat foundation brush to get maximum coverage. This foundation leaves skin looking flawless and does a good job at covering redness and blemishes. The coverage is full/medium, I find I don't need to use concealer for my spots when I use this. I would describe the finish as velvety as it's not completely matte. 
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum £10.99
The gel based formula is light, gives a natural finish and has a subtle radiance to it. I use either shade 51 or 52 both of which have yellow undertones and are perfect for counteracting redness. I like to use a buffing brush to apply this as you can build up coverage easily without it looking cakey. I still need to use a concealer with this but it's good for evening out skintone and adding radiance. I think this would be a good option for those with dry skin or simply as a winter foundation.
Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Nude £8.99
This is a lighter version of the original Lasting Finish Foundation. On the skin this looks very natural whilst offering medium coverage. It conceals minor blemishes but I still need to use concealer for a couple of angry spots. In terms of lasting power - it's good. I can get a good days worth out of it even with numerous public transport journeys. I can't comment on it's 25 hour claims because does anyone actually wear their foundation for over a day? The texture is easy-to-blend and feels like you're wearing nothing on your skin. The finish isn't matte but it's not dewy either. It's a happy medium between the two and feels hydrating. I love that Rimmel have added lighter shades to their foundation range. I'm using the shade 'Ivory' which is the third lightest and is perfect for my pale skin. I definitely think this would be a good foundation for fellow pale people. The SPF 20 is also a bonus. 

Do you have a favourite drugstore foundation? 

23 November 2014

New Beauty Bits

It has been a while since I bought some new beauty products so I decided to treat myself to a few things I had been lusting after.

I have loved Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb for a while now and finally it's mine. The fragrance is unlike anything I've tried before. As the name suggests it has a floral scent but isn't too overpowering. It's a unique concoction of orange, jasmine, fressia and rose with a woody base note of patchouli. This smells so lovely I have to force myself to use it everyday instead of saving it for special occasions. I've been after a festive red lipstick for the upcoming party season and the new 'Pure Reds Collection' from L'oreal seemed like the perfect place to look. The new limited edition range consists of four custom-made red shades to suit different skintones. I opted for Julianne Moore's shade which is a slightly pink, orange-y red colour. This has a matte finish and stains your lips well. My fellow blonde friend recently recommended the Bleach London Silver Shampoo. Her hair always looks bright so I look forward to giving this shampoo a go. I absolutely love the Bleach London branding.

What beauty bits have you picked up lately? 

22 November 2014

Eye pads

On a recent trip to TK Maxx I came across the IntensivEye Collagen Under-Eye Pads. Not one to turn down trying something new I thought I'd give them a go. These semi-circle shaped, floppy, pre-moistened cloths are designed to combat puffiness and dark circles. A box contains 5 sachets which each reveal two pads. You simply place one under each eye, sit back and relax for 20 minutes.

Despite the questionable gloopy texture, once removed my under-eye bags are less noticeable. I keep these in the fridge so they have a nice cool, soothing effect. I think these would be great for flights, hangovers or allergies. They didn't do a great deal for my dark circles and they definitely aren't miracles worker but at £4.99 for 5 you can't expect too much.

21 November 2014

Liquid Lipstick Must-Haves

best long lasting lipsticks
Liquid lipsticks are nothing new but I reach for them more during the party season because of their extreme longevity. If you're unfamiliar with the concept, these are long-lasting glosses which provide optimum coverage in just one, quick swipe. Once dried down these usually don't budge. Perfect for mince pie-eating, Christmas-kissing and New Year's Eve-partying.

Barry M Loud Mouth Extreme Lip Colour £3.99
You only need a tiny amount of product as a little goes along way. Because of the super pigmentation you really need a mirror to apply these and I found using a lip brush made application easier. The Barry M Loud Mouth Lip Colours are more pigmented than your standard lip gloss; I like to call these lip glosses for grown ups. The staying power is good, they do start to fade after a couple of hours. I'd wear one of these on a night out as they are very loud looking and not for the faint hearted, or for kissing.
A.K.A Lip Gloss £7.00
If you're after a glossy stain that doesn't feel gloopy, look no further. The bud-like applicator makes this quick and easy to apply. The bold colour just needs one coat and lasts around 6-7 hours.
Rimmel Apocalips £5.99
Rimmel can do no wrong when it comes to lip products in my eyes. Apocalips are glossy, opaque tubes of drugstore good-ness. Because of the intense colour pay-off things can get messy so keep a cotton bud to hand. To make this last longer, apply once then blot and repeat. I love the wide range of colours and textures these are available in.
Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet £8.99
A more creamier, lighter version of Rimmel's take on liquid lipstick. These apply smoothly because of the velvet finish but once dried down they leave a matte stain. The powdery finish doesn't budge at all making this the perfect 'winter date' lipstick as you don't need to worry about touching up and can concentrate fully on that gentleman's beard.
L'oreal Color Riche L'Extraordinaire £8.99
Unlike the usual wax-based lip products this gloss is made using micro-oils infused with pigment. This blend creates incredible shine and softness in just one swipe. It has the intense colour pay-off of a lipstick, the shine of a gloss and the softness of a balm. I love how smoothly this applies without feeling sticky or heavy. Because of it's super shiny finish you do have to reapply after eating or drinking. Great for those who aren't a fan of mattes.

Are you a liquid lipstick lover?

19 November 2014

Is This A Dupe For Bio Oil?

bio oil dupe
Bio Oil is a cult classic beauty product renowned for fading the appearance of stretch marks. Millions of women swear by the product and when something gets that much hype it is inevitable that a cheaper dupe will follow. The Derma V10 Rescue Oil is similar to Bio Oil minus the price tag. It aims to help improve the appearance of stretch marks, scars and blemished skin. I've been trialling both oils to see how they compare to each other. 

Both bottles have an orange colour to them. I would say the Bio Oil has a more pleasant, comforting smell making it better to use in the bath. In terms of texture, there really isn't a great deal of difference. After applying both products separately to different limbs both feel equally as soft. Bio Oil is slightly greasier whereas the Rescue Oil sinks in quicker. However, the Bio Oil did a better job at fading stretch marks. If you're after something to specifically get rid of stretch marks I would opt for Bio Oil but, if you are just looking for an all-round oil give the Rescue Oil a go. 

Rescue Oil is available from Savers, Home Bargains and Poundland. 

P.s Check out my other beauty dupes here

18 November 2014

Body Oils To Get Your Bum As Shiny As Kim's

When Kim Kardashion broke the internet last week everyone was discussing if her bottom was photoshopped but the only question on my mind - 'How did she get her bum so shiny?' I don't aspire for quite the same polished to perfection derriere, which also doubles up as a mirror,  I do welcome a subtle shimmer. I've found four body oils to replicate Kim's gleaming buttocks, just not quite to the same extreme.

Bio Oil  £9.99
The most softening oil I've come across. This cult classic will give your bottom a nice sheen and leave it super soft. It does have a slight greasy texture which is probably a good thing if you're trying to get the Paper Magazine cover look.
Dove Purely Pampering £8.99
An option for those who wish to have a reflective bottom on a budget. The Dove Purely Pampering oils are light-weight, non-greasy and smell divine. The one above has a subtle golden shimmer so you can truly appreciate your buttocks in all it's curvaceous glory.
Jurlique Rose Body Oil £38.00
Probably the least shiniest out of the oils mentioned, nonetheless still a good option. This hydrating oil has a delicate rose scent to stimulate all your senses. Use this as a massage oil all over or just concentrate on your behind for maximum effect.
Roger & Gallet Fleur De Figuier Ultra Nourishing Oil £25.50
The spray pump makes it easier to apply this to the areas where the sun doesn't shine. The velvet texture leaves a subtle sheen - perfect for highlighting your gluteus maximus. The fruity fragrance allows you to also squirt this into your hair if you're feeling extra sassy.

Now your behind is truly gleaming you just need to find a black bin bag to complete the Kim K look.

17 November 2014

Favourite Drugstore Mascaras

best drugstore mascaras
I'm not one for splashing out on beauty products. If I want to purchase something highend I'll usually save up my Boots points or wait until Christmas. Mascara is one of the beauty products I think you don't have to spend a fortune on. Most drugstore mascaras are under a tenner and there are so many to choose from, almost too many. I've tested out a lot of them and these are my current top 3 drugstore mascaras.

Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde £9.99
I typically prefer a bristle style brush like this one. The wide wand is coated in little balls which are designed to 'envelop each lash'. Unlike with other mascaras I've tried I feel like I don't need to layer this with another mascara on top. This alone creates enough impact, it's great at volumising, separating and lengthening lashes. But volume is 1 second? More like 10-20.
Collection Big Fake Curves £4.99
As you can tell by the photo this has a big brush. I think those with small eyes/lashes would have trouble with the size. This mascara is really good at curling lashes, I can get away with not using eyelash curlers and that's saying something! I've had a few people asking me if I have falsies on whilst wearing this. I'd recommend this if you're on a budget.
No7 Stay Perfect £12.95
Not that I suggest you sleep in makeup but if you do - make it this mascara. It's life-proof formula means it doesn't smudge or flake and it's waterproof. Perfect for all nighters, gym sessions, holidays or watching sad films. Unlike other mascaras this comes off in small tubes which seems a little strange at first but makes the process a whole lot easier.

What's you favourite mascara? Are you a highstreet or highend kinda girl? 

16 November 2014

Current Haircare Staples

uk beauty blog
I'm quite lazy when it comes to my hair. I'm a little ashamed to admit that some days I go without even putting a brush through it. I know, I know not very 'beauty blogger' of me. I like the 'effortless', bed head look and these are the products I've been reaching for lately to achieve it.

The Wet Brush
I need a good hair brush that can handle my thick, tangled hair. My hair likes to have a little tantrum after washing as it get's all knotty and unmanageable. To avoid damaging it further I'll use the Wet Brush whilst my hair is still damp as it is specially designed to use on wet hair. The gentle brush glides through with ease making the time-consuming process a lot quicker.
Dove Leave in Conditioner
My hair is naturally quite dry and bleaching the ends doesn't help. I need all the aid I can get to add moisture to my locks so I like to spray this into my hair after every wash. Sometimes if the ends of my hair are particularly dry I'll spray this onto dry hair for a quick fix. Like with all Dove products I love how fresh and clean this smells. The fine mist doesn't weigh hair down and works for all hair types.
Dove Pure Care Dry Oil
When my hair needs extra nourishment I'll reach for an oil. This dry oil is my must-have treatment for sorting out my frizzy hair. It always leaves hair looking glossier and feeling softer. This big bottle is going to last me ages but I'd definitely repurchase.
Batiste Dry Shampoo
Even if my hair isn't greasy sometimes I'll just want a bit of texture. A few spritzes of this onto my roots, a little massaging in and I'm good to go.

On my haircare wishlist right now is a silver shampoo, let me know which ones you recommend! 

15 November 2014

Degustabox October Review

october degustabox review

I feel like Christmas has come early every time Degustabox arrives on my doorstep. In case you're not familiar with the company, Degustabox is a monthly food box subscription which delivers tasty treats to your house every month. Here's what October's box had to offer.

Special K Cracker Crisps £1.89
I was pleased to see some barbecue cracker crisps in this months box. These low-fat snacks are deliciously moreish, I could easily eat the whole packet in one sitting. They are also available in Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar and Sour Cream & Chive. I find these crisps quite similar to Pop Chips, not a tasty I have to say!
Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce £1.39
I've never tried Sweet Chilli Sauce before but this is great for giving your everyday food that little extra something. It works well with chicken, tuna, salads and cheese!
Get Buzzing Flapjacks £1.30
An on-the-go snack to help release energy which will keep you going for longer. The 100% natural flapjack was delicious but a little pricey in my opinion.
Enhance Drinks £2.49
These little fruit drinks are great for festivals or camping. Just one squeeze transforms water into a delicious drink. Each drink contains 32 uses. Plus, there is no added sugar and only 1 calorie per use.
Kent's Kitchen Meal Kits £2.50
I'm always trying to improve my cooking skills and this seems like a great way to do so. The meal kits are designed to help create a tasty meal in just 20 minutes. These little pots are ideal for keeping in the cupboard for meal inspiration. I love the idea of these and hope to pick up some more.
Solo Marshmallow Creme £1.99
The colder weather welcomes comfort food. I can just imagine sitting around a campfire making smores with this marshmallow creme. I tried this sandwiched between two digestive biscuits - guilty pleasure.
Dr.Oetker Premium Extra Dark Chocolate £2.49
Dr.Oetker make the best baking ingredients so it's always good to see the brand in the box. I can't wait to get using this and the Fine Dark Cocoa Powder to get creating something scrummy.
Bear Paws £0.55
A healthy, pure fruit snack. These tasty, sweet treats are perfect for stopping those sweet cravings.
Bear Alphabites (sample present)
This month's box contained a sample present which was a mini box of crunchy cereal letters. Made with 5 tasty grains, and coconut blossom nectar, they contain no refined sugar, no salt and are naturally high in calcium.
Brioche Pasquier Sliced Brioche Loaf £1.69
Brioche Pasquier Pain Au Lait with Choc Chips £1.60
Warming these up in the toaster have made these a delicious breakfast option. Similarly with the loaf with tastes amazing with jam or marmalade.
Jelly Belly Beans £2.50
I love the variety of flavours in these. Trying to guess what each one is and avoiding the popcorn one!

Overall, October was quite a sweet box. You also recieve a voucher to redeem a 4 pack of Benecol Greek Style Yoghurt. Once again, Degustabox proves great value for money. If you would like to try the service for yourself, get £3.00 off using the code - 8LUG3. Visit the Degustabox site here to find out more. 

p.s Want to see what I received in last month's Degustabox?

13 November 2014

How To Wear Dark Lipstick

how to wear dark lipstick

Dark lips can seem scary but they shouldn't be. A vampy lip against a dewy complexion looks amazing in the winter. There are loads of way to incorporate a darker lip into your routine without looking like Lorde. Lorde knows it's not easy to plus off that full-on Gothic pout. Berry lipstick is back this season and it's the perfect colour choice for the colder weather. Here are some tips I've picked up to help you wear dark lipstick.

- A bold lip + chap lips is never a good look. Exfoliating before applying lipstick will help it go on smoother and last longer. Plus, the LUSH Lip Scrub in Mint Julips tastes incredible.
- Next you'll want to prime your lips. You can buy lip primers but I find lip balm works just as well. Do this step first thing before applying your makeup and save doing your lips until last.
- If you're using a matte lipstick I find it easiest to apply using a lip brush for precise application. Or use a lip liner for optimum longevity. I'm currently obsessed with the shade 'Loganberry' from No7.
- If you are after a intense colour use a tissue to blot the first layer then follow by applying a second coat directly from the bullet.
- If the idea of dark lips seems a bit intimidating go for a lip balm or butter for a lighter wash of colour. I really like the Collection Lip Butter in 'Perfect Plum'.
- Dark lips can be a bit harder to maintain because of their deeper, harder-to-go-wrong-colour so keep a pocket mirror on hand to avoid that lipstick on chin look.

What are your tips for rocking a dark lip? 

12 November 2014

Bblonde Medium Lift Kit Review

bblonde medium lift kit review

Blonde hair can be a pain to up-keep. As a faux blonde myself I know the struggle all too well. However, help is at hand thanks to Jerome Russell which is a specialist blonding brand. The range consists of easy to use kits which offer maximum blondness (is that a real word?) from the comfort of your own home. I tested out the BBlonde Medium Lift Blonding Kit to help brighten my ombre.

The kit contains: bleaching powder, ointment, conditioning shampoo, gloves, mixing bowl and brush. I opted for the medium lift kit which is suitable for fair-blonde hair but they also do a maximum version for darker hair.

I found the instructions easy to follow and the application wasn't too difficult. After applying to my ends I left the mixture on for 20 minutes. They say you can leave it on for up to an hour but as my hair is already coloured I wasn't sure how the results would turn out. Once rinsed out with the conditioning shampoo I noticed instantly my hair was a lot lighter and any brassy, yellow tones had gone. The bleach didn't irritate me but the scent was really strong. I recommend getting a friend to help you with this just to be sure of even application. If you're looking to brighten your blonde locks I recommend giving this a try.

Bblonde Medium Lift Blonding Kit* £5.99

10 November 2014

18 Signs You Have A Beauty Obsession

lipgloss collection

Hi, my name is Kia and I'm addicted to beauty. I own over 20 different lip glosses and I don't even really like it. I spend my days reading beauty blogs and checking out new launches. I can't leave Boots without an armful of swatches.

- Do you own three or more lipsticks that are 'similar colours'.
- You can't pop into Boots without browsing the makeup aisle.
- You can't chuck away old products, even if it is 6 months past its sell by date.
- You hide your new beauty purchases from your partner/family because you know they won't understand you needed that new eyeshadow palette.
- You have a secret stash of your favourite product in case they discontinue it overnight. 
- You can't leave the house without a little bit of help, even if it's just a swipe of mascara.
- You get excited about doing your makeup for a special occasion.
- You watch makeup tutorials on YouTube of looks you never intend on recreating.
- The beauty section in magazines is the first part you flick to. 
- You spend all your spare time reading beauty blogs and checking the new in section on Feel Unique. 
- Your makeup products are neatly organised into sections; an dedicated area for bases, lipsticks, eye makeup, palettes...
- You buy your favourite foundation in a shade darker and lighter than your natural skintone.
- You sometimes sniff makeup before buying it.
- Your Christmas/Birthday wishlist is 70% beauty products
- You shed a tear when you accidentally break makeup. RIP.
- You buy miniatures of your favourite beauty products just because they look cute. 
- Friends ask you for makeup advice. 
- You'd rather buy new beauty products than clothes. Or food.

Please tell me I'm not alone. Do you do these things as well?

9 November 2014

The Ultimate Winter Pamper Evening

Sometimes we need a little me-time. Setting aside an evening to indulge in a proper pamper session is something I love to do. For me, Sunday evenings are dedicated to turning my bathroom into a spa for a few hours whilst I relax and wind down. So, get that candle lit and put on your favourite album because here's my ultimate guide to a winter pamper evening.

- First things first, you need to set the scene. Light your favourite candle or maybe you're an incense kind of girl. Put on your favourite album and make sure you lock the bathroom door so you can truly relax. For the ultimate ambience dim the lights to create a spa-like setting. I like to put clean pyjamas on my towel rail so they are nice and warm to put on after my shower. Make yourself a cup of tea or pour a glass of wine, whatever tickles your fancy.
- Whether you're bathing or showering make sure you whip out your more luxe products. Take time to exfoliate or apply a conditioning hair mask. Whatever you're doing don't rush it. If you're bathing grab a book/magazine and enjoy the me-time. Use those salts, soaks and oils you have been saving for best.
- Get all your beauty bits out, and I mean all of them. Whip out the body butter, hand cream, hair oils, serums, foot creams, lotions and sprays because it's time to indulge in some post-bathing pampering. Usually I'm in a hurry to get dressed after a shower but Sunday is a 'day of rest' and it should be taken seriously. Plus, it feels so good when you're feeling all soft and replenished after using your beauty stash.
- Now you're all luxed out and ready for the week ahead make sure you enjoy the rest of your evening. Whether that be a Netflix session, reading a good book, spending two hours on Instagram or knitting a new hat for your dog - do it.

Will you be having a pamper evening after reading this? 

8 November 2014

Discovery Club Box Autumn Winter 2014

discovery club box autumn winter 2014
Summer has most certainly slipped away and there are some things I'm ready to surrender such as light, summer scents in favour for more traditional 'winter' fragrances. If you're looking for a new winter scent but not sure which one to choose, this is the box for you. The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club box is designed to help you decide which fragrance to purchase by sending you a box of samples and money off coupons. The latest Autumn Winter 2014 edition contains four scents for women and one for men.

Kenzo Jeu d'Amour EDP £38.50 30ml
This is the one that really caught my eye...and nose. It evokes feelings of femininity, sexiness and youthfulness. This classic scent includes notes of mandarin, pomegranate and tea. The musks and creamy sandalwood base creates a sensual aroma.
Loewe Quizas Seduccion EDP £44.50 30ml
A very sweet, seductive scent. This has a harmonious combination of sweet orange, passion fruit and dazzling blackberry. The fragrance settles to a sweet candy and vanilla base. It slightly reminds me of a fairground!
Jimmy Choo Man EDT £28.50 30ml
I love the female fragrances from Jimmy Choo so I had high hopes for their first male scent, I was not disappointed. The modern, fresh fragrance would best suit someone in their 20's. Top notes include lavender and honeydew melon. Also in the mix but less prominent is pineapple leaf, suede and ambery woods.
Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Intense EDP £59.50 50ml
Lovers of the original Classique will love the updated, oriental fragrance. The intense floral scent has notes of rose, jasmine and pomegranate. The perfume dries down to reveal base notes of patchouli and vanilla. This is quite strong and lasts well on skin.
Loewe Aura EDT £48.00 40ml
A beautiful, floral fragrance perfect for everyday. It opens with accords of lychee, lemon and rosewater. The fruity-floral mix is very light and fresh. At the base of the composition is sandalwood and musks blended with amber creating a softer scent.

The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club Box* £20 for a annual subscription (£5 per quarter). Available to buy online here

p.s check out my guide on how to prepare your skin for Autumn here

6 November 2014

Dove Pure Care Dry Hair Oil Review

dove dry oil hair review
Regular readers will know I'm obsessed with oils. It was love at first use with the Dove Dry Hair Oil. The non-greasy formula is great for those who are afraid of using oily products. It won't leave hair feeling heavy or weighed down. I use about five drops of the oil and apply it to damp hair before letting it dry naturally. My hair is left feeling super silky and soft. I've noticed this makes my hair look shinier too. The generous 100ml bottles will last ages proving good value for money. It's frizz-fighting properties makes this suitable for all hair types. Whether your an oil newbie or already hooked on the stuff, you'll like this.

Dove Pure Care Dry Hair Oil* £9.99 available from Boots

4 November 2014

Ready To Switch To Witch?

A couple of months ago I headed up to London to film a video with Witch skincare as part of their 'Switch To Witch' campaign. I've been a fan of the brand since my teens so I was thrilled when they asked me to take part. The 'Switch To Witch' campaign is about putting your usual skincare products to one side and swapping them for Witch skincare products. If your normal routine isn't working for you and you suffer from blemishes or have oily skin I highly recommend the brand. They use natural ingredients, don't test on animals and the range is really affordable.

By signing up on the Switch To Witch website here you gain access to exclusive videos from EssieButton, get the chance to win ASOS vouchers and win a photo shoot. The website is also full of helpful skincare tips and information on all their products. You can view the video I made with them here!

Join in with the conversation using the #Switchtowitch. Have you tried Witch Skincare before? Would you recommend it a friend? 

3 November 2014

Lip Balm Love

best lip balms
Winter is coming. In order to avoid those inevitable dry, chapped lips that often come with the colder weather it's time to whip out the lip balm. It is the one beauty product I can't live without. My lips start feeling prune-like if I don't have a balm to hand. Here's a selection of the best lip balms to get you through the Winter.

Nivea Essential Lip Care £1.65
Burts Bees Tinted Balm £5.99
Maybelliene Baby Lips Electro £2.99
Chapstick 99p
Kiehls Lip Balm #1 £9.50
Kadalys Banana Balm £9.95
The Body Shop Almond Lip Butter £4.00

Are you obsessed with lip balm too? Let me know your favourite, I could do with some more...

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