10 November 2014

18 Signs You Have A Beauty Obsession

lipgloss collection

Hi, my name is Kia and I'm addicted to beauty. I own over 20 different lip glosses and I don't even really like it. I spend my days reading beauty blogs and checking out new launches. I can't leave Boots without an armful of swatches.

- Do you own three or more lipsticks that are 'similar colours'.
- You can't pop into Boots without browsing the makeup aisle.
- You can't chuck away old products, even if it is 6 months past its sell by date.
- You hide your new beauty purchases from your partner/family because you know they won't understand you needed that new eyeshadow palette.
- You have a secret stash of your favourite product in case they discontinue it overnight. 
- You can't leave the house without a little bit of help, even if it's just a swipe of mascara.
- You get excited about doing your makeup for a special occasion.
- You watch makeup tutorials on YouTube of looks you never intend on recreating.
- The beauty section in magazines is the first part you flick to. 
- You spend all your spare time reading beauty blogs and checking the new in section on Feel Unique. 
- Your makeup products are neatly organised into sections; an dedicated area for bases, lipsticks, eye makeup, palettes...
- You buy your favourite foundation in a shade darker and lighter than your natural skintone.
- You sometimes sniff makeup before buying it.
- Your Christmas/Birthday wishlist is 70% beauty products
- You shed a tear when you accidentally break makeup. RIP.
- You buy miniatures of your favourite beauty products just because they look cute. 
- Friends ask you for makeup advice. 
- You'd rather buy new beauty products than clothes. Or food.

Please tell me I'm not alone. Do you do these things as well?


  1. LOL! I agree with so many of your points! Definitely prefer buying makeup than clothes, how weird is that?? haha And I rarely tell my husband about all the new addition to my makeup stash, he will never understand :) x
    Mummy's Beauty Corner

  2. Oh dear, I do all but the foundation one and the minitures one. Who needs clothes anyway?!!!

  3. You are so not alone! It's crazy how many of those I said 'yes' to!

    TR's Thoughts

  4. Haha solo accurate - especially the buying makeup before food, I need to stop trying to convince myself I'll be ok on £20 for the rest of the week so I can buy new stuff on a Monday morning! xx

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine // Blog Sale

  5. I loved this post! I could relate to so many of them!


  6. I loved reading this, it's so true! I accidentally smashed my matte top coat the other day and nearly cried haha xx


  7. I do alllll of these!


  8. Guilty on all counts! I tore my beauty blender in half this morning whilst washing it and really had to try my hardest to hold back the tears. Sob sob x


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