30 November 2014

Stop Saving Things For Best

We all have those special products which we save for 'best'. We hide away the lovely things that make us feel amazing because we feel like we don't deserve a treat. Saving things for best is silly, and something I do myself. We are waiting for a more deserving occasion that may or may not ever come. We are alive right now and who knows when our time will end? I say light that fancy candle, wear Chanel to Tesco, use that expensive lipstick and pour the luxury bath foam with abandon. Stop saving things for best and enjoy them now, whilst you still can.

Are you guilty of saving things for best?


  1. I'm definitely guilty of saving things for 'best', but as you say: why? Why not wear your 'best' stuff when you're lazing around the house or popping to Tesco.

  2. This is so me! but how right you are live for the moment and enjoy the things you have while you can, think we all need that nudge :) xx

  3. That "special" lipstick is coming out for work this week! Thanks for the reminder :)

  4. Yes, you're right! I do this all the time with makeup,clothes and even my makeup brushes lol. Its so weird.

  5. I was verrrry guilty! But no more! I wear pretty clothes all the time to store or to a date, use parfum I like and wear all make-up I like:) I read a lot "you should dress appropriately to situation, etc. you can't wear a dress going for a bread..bla bla bla". why not? I'm not wearing long evening sparkling dress going for bread but why not to look pretty if you can. When I was smaller I loved stationery but I was very very guilty of saving notebooks.. I felt that I ddidn't have something interesting or very useful to write in them..which worth my pretty notebooks.


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