3 December 2014

6 Beauty Gifts You Shouldn't Buy

So, by now you've read a handful of gift guides on what to buy loved ones this year, but what you haven't been told is what not to buy. There are some beauty gifts out there you really should avoid if you still want friends.

1. Any anti-ageing beauty products unless they have been specifically asked for. 
2. Product designed to remove cellulite, dandruff or bad breath. 
3. Makeup palettes with over 50 different eye shadow colours. Unless they're a budding makeup artist, she's unlikely to use them all. 
4. Fragrance is a tricky one if you don't know what they wear already. Go for one of those sample boxes which contain testers so the receiver can choose their own scent. 
5. Skincare is another hard product to buy for other people. If you really want to, go for mini sized products.
6. Bath beads/cubes. No one has used these since the 80's. 


  1. Oooh, personally I'd love to get a squillion shade eyeshadow palette or bath cube/beads! I definitely agree with you on anti-aging and skincare though, that's kind of cruel! I saw a couple of gift sets with makeup remover in, which was just kind of... what?! Why? :P

    ~Becca // rjtmisti.blogspot.com :)

  2. I should add.. don't give micellar water also! strange but I saw it in a gift guide on some blog.. and I wouldn't like to receive micellar water...is it even a present? )))


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