7 December 2014

Feeling Festive

As the first week of December comes to an end I can't help but feel not very Christmas-y. I've had some mulled wine, I've dug out the decorations and I've de-iced my car but I'm still not in the festive spirit. If you're feeling the same do not fret my friend, I have five remedies up my sleeve that should rustle up some festive flavour in your belly quicker than you can say "bah humbug".

1. My first tip is easy, time to whip out the festive makeup items. I'm talking red lips and glittery peepers. The new Reds Collection from L'oreal is guaranteed to have a shade to suit you. On the eyes, nothing quite says Christmas like a bit of glitter and the Collection Glam Crystal Liners (£2.99) are a fool-proof way to incorporate some sparkle. With these I like to first apply my usual black liquid liner and then layer this on top. A swipe of these two is sure to get you in the Christmas mood.
2. Not one for Christmassy makeup? Opt for a festive lip balm instead - The Body Shop have launched a range of limited edition products in time for Christmas including the Glazed Apple collection. To make your mistletoe kisses extra sweet this year use the Glazed Apple Lip Balm* (£3.99). Although I do not advise eating this, it does taste extremely delicious.
3. A trip to LUSH is sure to make you feel, and smell, all festive. They always bring out amazingly scented products at this time of year such as the much loved Snow Fairy range and Yog Nog - a new favourite of mine. Yog Nog Soap is a wonderfully thick and creamy soap designed to make your mouth water. It has buttery fudge and cocoa butter scent making it sweet but not sickly.
4. Nothing says it's winter time like the unwelcome reappearance of dry, flaky skin. It's time to up your bodycare routine and start using products aimed at combating the effects of colder weather. Dove have recently launched their limited edition Winter Care range which has been created to winter-proof skin. The Dove Winter Care Cream* (£3.29) is a rich moisturiser which offers intense hydration whilst enveloping dry skin with a layer of nourishment.
5. Another tip would be to crack out those candles. They don't have to be the festive-scented variety, just having a lit candle can make a room feel cosy & Christmassy. I'm liking the new Residence Candles from Ted Baker (£28)*. I have the fragrance 'Athens', a fig leave and olive blossom scent. The candle is beautifully housed in a white textured ceramic vessel.
6. If all else fails - it's time to put on Elf.

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  1. This post has made my evening. Haven't felt festive yet as I've recently started a new job, so all my thoughts have been on that. Definitely going to use these tips now to get into the Christmas spirit. Thanks for the much needed inspiration xx :o)


  2. I'm so obsessed over the apple glazed range at the body shop, I have almost got the whole shebang! :P


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