30 December 2014

New Year Beauty Resolutions

This year I have decided not to make the usual New Year resolutions. Instead I'm making (and hopefully sticking to) these beauty resolutions. Join me if you wish, they aren't unrealistic and won't make you feel like a bad person when you forget to implement them.

- Give my makeup bag a detox
- Chuck away mascara after 3 months
- Start using eye cream everyday
- Wear fragrance more often
- Don't forget to use heat defence
- Moisturise my body every other day

What is your beauty resolution going to be?


  1. I think my beauty resolutions would be to start using eye cream and maybe serums. Lovely post xx

    RemainReverie from http://remainreverie.blogspot.com/

  2. The mascara one certainly needs to happen for me!
    I pretty much HAVE to moisturise my body everyday or I start feeling very dry and uncomfortable- it's a bonus that I've gone from twice a day to once a day :( It is a good habit to get into though and there are such lovely body butters out there.

  3. My beauty resolution is to use serums and beauty oils and make a very simple routine for the lazy days! xxxx

  4. Lovely post! I think my beauty resolution would be to wear fragrance more often as well, I always forget haha xx


  5. Gosh, moisturising my body is definitely up there. Great resolutions :) xx


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