25 January 2015

Mid-Winter Beauty Helpers

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We've made it through the harsh winter months but our bodies still crave a little extra attention. The new year welcomed over-partied skin, frizzy hair and dry skin. I have specially selected a handful of products to help me battle the remaining colder months - we can do this guys.

SP Luxe Oil Keratin Restore Mask £14.70
If your hair has been feeling the wrath of heat or colour from the last few weeks it's worth investing in an intensive mask. This one from Wella SP is designed to reconstruct the hair fibre and provide hair with essential antioxidant protection through high contents of Fatty Acids and Omegas. The thick lotion smells divine and leaves hair feeling silky soft with a luxurious shine. I've been treating my locks to this once a week.
Witch Skincare Overnight Clearing Serum £5.99* launching 26th Jan in Boots & 6th Feb in Superdrug
My skin is also looking a little worse for wear. The latest product from Witch is designed to visibly reduce spots overnight. The oil-free, hydrating serum works through the night to leave skin feeling smooth and replenished. My spots do look less noticeable and red the next morning, this product is quite similar to La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+. I'll continue testing this out and post a full review soon!
Yves Rocher Organic Oats Silky Cream £9.45
If you're suffering with dry skin this winter, Yves Rocher have the perfect body lotion for you. For silky soft limbs in no time try this nourishing body cream. I love using this in the morning after showering. I apply all over and let it dry for a minute before getting dressed; my skin stays supple and soft all day.

What do you treat yourself to mid-winter?

22 January 2015

Sweet Treat Beauty Products

I definitely have a sweet tooth. I'll choose sweets over chocolate any day and sometimes skip a main meal and go straight for dessert. As it's a new year and January is synonomous with health and resolutions I thought I would reduce my sugar intake by diverging the sweet stuff to beauty products.

Soft & Gentle Orange Blossom & Grapefruit Anti-perspirant £2.75 250ml
It's not often you associate deodorant with sweet scents. The delicate blend of orange blossom and grapefruit mixed with freesia creates a fresh fragrance whilst offering 48 hour protection. I often get irritated underarms but this is kind to skin and also leaves no white marks  - win:win!
Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub £5.99
A little bit of lip exfoliation sounds gross but it helps to restore your pout to its summer status. Although lip scrubs are easy to make yourself, I adore the ones from LUSH. 'Mint Julip' smells and tastes as the name suggests. The sugar and mint combination makes this product good enough to eat (and sometimes I do!).
I Love...Peachy Passionfruit Shower Cream* £2.99 (Available in Superdrug from 22 February)
The latest sweet treat from I Love... is enough to whisk you away to a sunnier climate. It was love at first sniff with this deliciously fruity offering. I really like that this is a shower gel and/or bubble bath so suitable for everyone! After every use my bathroom is taken over with the sweet scent of passionfruit and the fragrance lingers on skin throughout the day.
ChapStick 99p
Who doesn't want their lips tasting of strawberry? ChapStick comes in a variety of fruity flavours including apple and cherry; both of which are handbag essentials for me. Not only are lips left baby-soft and sweet smelling, the balms also have spf 10 so they are protected from the sun too.

Pretty sweet, right? Do you have a sweet tooth too?

16 January 2015

Essence £10 Makeup Challenge

There is no denying I love a beauty bargain. When Essence asked me to take part in a £10 makeup look challenge I jumped at the chance to get involved. Essence came to the UK last year and is sold exclusively in Wilkinson stores nationwide. After being sent a bag of makeup goodies to test out here are the ones which made the final cut.

This is my first encounter with the brand. The packaging is very young and cheerful and despite most items costing less than £3 I found the quality to be quite good. The favourites from me are the eyeliners (99p) and cream highligher (£2.79). Both products apply effortlessly and last well. You would easily be able to find a whole new makeup look for under £10, here are my picks...

Essence All Eyes On Me Mascara £1.59
I'm very fussy when it comes to mascara. This basic bristle brush coats lashes enough to give them some extra length but don't expect too much. The formula dries quickly and there wasn't any flakiness - bonus!
Soo Glow! Cream to Powder Highlighter £2.79
I'm all about dewy, glowing skin at this time of year and I'm reaching for this cream highlighter daily. With my finger tips I blend the creamy formula onto the tops of my cheekbones for a subtle shimmer. Perfect for adding life to dull, winter skin.
Kajal Eyeliner 99p
To add definition to the eyes I've been applying this kohl liner along my upper lashes. The pencil is surprisingly soft for a budget brand and glides on smoothly.
XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss £2.29
I'm a big fan of these matte finish glosses so I was thrilled to see Essence launch a cheaper alternative. The creamy lip product is super easy to use and long lasting too.
Soo Blush! Cream to Powder £2.79
I usually opt for cream blusher during the spring and this is a lovely product. The pinky colour looks extremely naturally and the cream to powder formulas makes this easy to apply. Great if you're new to using cream blusher.

I'd recommend checking out the Essence stand next time you pop to Wilkinsons. They also have a great range of lipsticks and nail colours which I'll be eyeing up on my next visit! 

14 January 2015

Pamper Evening With Yves Rocher

After the hectic festive season and back to work blues I think we deserve a little TLC. There's no better way to welcome the new year than with some serious pampering. Think candle-lit bathroom, your favourite magazine, glass of wine, Ryan Gosling (optional) and a chocolate or two. Sound good to you? Keep reading to find out how to have the ultimate pamper evening with a little help from Yves Rocher.

Yves Rocher Organic Oats Silky Cream £13.50
You can't indulge in a pamper session without a full body moisturise. I adore the packaging of this cream and the product inside is just as luxurious. The lotion contains natural oats which are good for soothing and protecting the skin - perfect for all that partying. The formula is very light and sinks in quickly. My skin feels silky smooth after just one use; this feels like a real treat to use.
Yves Rocher Beaute Des Mains Hand Cream £3.90
No doubt the cold winter weather would have had an affect on your hands. This hand cream is designed to offer long-lasting moisturization to get you through the remaining cold months. There is no stickiness after applying and doesn't feel greasy.
Yves Rocher Coconut Fizzy Bath Cube £1.50
Simply pop this fizzy bath cube into the tub and allow it to melt away. Your bath is transformed into a tropical paradise whisking you away to a sunnier climate. It feels like you're bathing in creamy coconut milk and skin is left feeling baby-soft afterwards. 
Yves Rocher Beaute Pieds Foot Anti-Fatigue Gel £5.00
If you're on your feet all day it's worth investing in a cooling foot gel to relieve and soothe aching feet. The relaxing lavender and peppermint scent is heavenly and works a treat on tired feet. Using this is the perfect end to a pamper evening for optimum relaxation.

Will you be joining me in a little me-time too? Majority of the products featured above are currently on sale on the Yves Rocher website - Yay! 

*pr samples

6 January 2015

6 Things in My Travel Beauty Bag

If you're following me on Twitter or Instagram you will probably know I've been on holiday in North Devon for the last few days and now I'm currently in Paris celebrating my 21st! As a result, I have had to pack up my favourite beauty bits to tide me over. I always find it a struggle to condense my stash but I think I'm becoming a packing pro.

I'll start with skincare because I can find that area quite hard to streamline. Back at home I indulge in a 5-step routine but whilst travelling I like to keep it to a minimum. I picked up a set of No7 skincare miniatures from Boots and I'll be taking the No7 Gentle Cleansing Lotion to cleanse my face with daily. I'll forego toner and skip straight to moisturiser to save on space.
My desert island beauty product is lip balm, I can't go anywhere without the stuff! I've packed the Anatomicals Snog Me Senseless lip balm which was a Christmas gift from my friend. I love the refreshing minty tingle this leaves.
You don't want to be lugging around a hefty bottle of perfume whilst travelling. The little perfume samples you pick up from beauty counters come in handy for holidays. I have a box full of samples which I save for exactly this reason.
An essential item for me is tweezers. There is nothing worse than seeing a stray hair and not being able to do anything about it. I'll always pack these for hairy emergencies.
My travel toothbrush is from a brand called Slim Sonic. The conveniently sized battery operated brush is perfect for travelling. It has a mascara-style cap which stops it getting dirty or accidentally turning on in your wash bag.
After lip balm my other beauty must-have is dry shampoo. I don't like washing my hair in hotel showers so if I'm just going away for a weekend break I'll skip the shampoo and conditioner and pack a little trusty Batiste.

Have you tried any of these?

4 January 2015

Best Beauty Discoveries of 2014

Looking back, 2014 was a good year for beauty. I feel like drugstore brands really up'd their game and launched an array of affordable, quality products good enough to rival that of their most esteemed counterparts. If I had to pick my favourite beauty discoveries of 2014 it would be this lovely lot.

Dove Purely Pampering Body Oil
I think it's fair to say I have a slight oil obsession. As soon as I had a whiff of this Dove Pistachio Cream body oil I knew it was love at first sniff. It doesn't feel greasy, dries quickly and smells incredible - what more could you want? Finally, a luxurious body oil available on the highstreet.
Dove Leave In Conditioner
My hair is naturally dry so I need all the help I can get. This miracle worker is perfect for adding moisture without weighing down hair or leaving it looking greasy. The light-weight formula offers a quick fix and leaves hair smelling fresh and clean.
Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan
Not a new product for 2014 but new to me. Out of all of the self tans I tested last year (6 in total) this one came out on top. I love the natural looking colour this gives and it's mousse formula makes this super easy to use. I'd highly recommend this for fake tan beginners or fellow pale gals.
Bourjois 1 Second Volume Mascara
Ok so it doesn't deliver volume in just one second but after 20-30 seconds my lashes are transformed. Hello bigger, longer and curlier eye lashes. This is the best highstreet mascara I've ever tried.
Bleach Silver Shampoo
This is the first Bleach product I've used and I was not left disappointed. As a faux blonde it can be difficult to avoid hair getting brassy undertones. This little gem is my life-saver as it helps to brighten and lighten blonde locks within a few minutes. I use this once a week to freshen up my hair colour.
Seventeen Tattoo Me Liquid Liner
I'd never been a fan of eye liner in a brush form as I'd always found them too fiddly. Alas, I have been converted. This liner from Seventeen claims up to 48 hours wear and it's not often I agree with product claims but I don't doubt it with this. If you're after a long-lasting liquid liner, look no further.

What have been you best beauty discoveries of 2014?

1 January 2015

Detox Your Beauty Bits

Detoxing yourself is kinda the done-thing for January. Many of us are busy cleansing our body/skin/souls from overindulging but enough is enough I say. Spare a thought for your trustworthy, loving beauty stash. You've been through a lot together and it's probably looking a little worse for wear. Time to detox your beauty bits - a makeup spring clean if you will.

-  Firstly, chuck away any old makeup. Have you used it in the last 6 weeks? Has it gone off? Does it smell funny? You're going to have to be brutal but trust me it'll be worth it.
- Now that has hopefully streamlined your makeup products it's time to give them a good clean. I find face wipes are best for removing makeup off products. Clean all your makeup brushes whilst you're at it too. You can't beat the feeling of freshly washed brushes.
- Organize your stash into sections. I like to go with bases, mascaras, eye liners, lip products and miscellaneous.
- If you have some products you don't use any more but are still usable, give them away to friends or family.
- If you have a lot of makeup items it's good to rotate them weekly so they all get used.
- To stop your stash getting out of hand go on a makeup diet. Don't buy anything new until you've used something up.

Will you be detoxing your beauty bits?
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