6 January 2015

6 Things in My Travel Beauty Bag

If you're following me on Twitter or Instagram you will probably know I've been on holiday in North Devon for the last few days and now I'm currently in Paris celebrating my 21st! As a result, I have had to pack up my favourite beauty bits to tide me over. I always find it a struggle to condense my stash but I think I'm becoming a packing pro.

I'll start with skincare because I can find that area quite hard to streamline. Back at home I indulge in a 5-step routine but whilst travelling I like to keep it to a minimum. I picked up a set of No7 skincare miniatures from Boots and I'll be taking the No7 Gentle Cleansing Lotion to cleanse my face with daily. I'll forego toner and skip straight to moisturiser to save on space.
My desert island beauty product is lip balm, I can't go anywhere without the stuff! I've packed the Anatomicals Snog Me Senseless lip balm which was a Christmas gift from my friend. I love the refreshing minty tingle this leaves.
You don't want to be lugging around a hefty bottle of perfume whilst travelling. The little perfume samples you pick up from beauty counters come in handy for holidays. I have a box full of samples which I save for exactly this reason.
An essential item for me is tweezers. There is nothing worse than seeing a stray hair and not being able to do anything about it. I'll always pack these for hairy emergencies.
My travel toothbrush is from a brand called Slim Sonic. The conveniently sized battery operated brush is perfect for travelling. It has a mascara-style cap which stops it getting dirty or accidentally turning on in your wash bag.
After lip balm my other beauty must-have is dry shampoo. I don't like washing my hair in hotel showers so if I'm just going away for a weekend break I'll skip the shampoo and conditioner and pack a little trusty Batiste.

Have you tried any of these?


  1. Such a great post! I hope you are having a wonderful time in Paris. I am from Barnstaple in North Devon, where abouts did you go to for your holiday? Hope you had a lovely time xx


    1. Thank you! I went to Lynton which I think isn't too far from you!x

  2. I always struggle to not bring everything in my beauty stash with me when I'm going away. Serious problem! Haha. But those little travel sized Boots products are great. I actually bought my boyfriend a few of them for a trip away next week - they have them on offer (3 for 2) most of the time too! :)

    XO, G from grace'd

  3. I always struggle to know how to follow my routine when I'm away and tend to give up and just use face wipes! Shameful I know, I really should invest in a little travel bottle cleansing lotion too. Happy 21st Birthday lovely!
    Fae xo | SodaBerries


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