4 January 2015

Best Beauty Discoveries of 2014

Looking back, 2014 was a good year for beauty. I feel like drugstore brands really up'd their game and launched an array of affordable, quality products good enough to rival that of their most esteemed counterparts. If I had to pick my favourite beauty discoveries of 2014 it would be this lovely lot.

Dove Purely Pampering Body Oil
I think it's fair to say I have a slight oil obsession. As soon as I had a whiff of this Dove Pistachio Cream body oil I knew it was love at first sniff. It doesn't feel greasy, dries quickly and smells incredible - what more could you want? Finally, a luxurious body oil available on the highstreet.
Dove Leave In Conditioner
My hair is naturally dry so I need all the help I can get. This miracle worker is perfect for adding moisture without weighing down hair or leaving it looking greasy. The light-weight formula offers a quick fix and leaves hair smelling fresh and clean.
Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan
Not a new product for 2014 but new to me. Out of all of the self tans I tested last year (6 in total) this one came out on top. I love the natural looking colour this gives and it's mousse formula makes this super easy to use. I'd highly recommend this for fake tan beginners or fellow pale gals.
Bourjois 1 Second Volume Mascara
Ok so it doesn't deliver volume in just one second but after 20-30 seconds my lashes are transformed. Hello bigger, longer and curlier eye lashes. This is the best highstreet mascara I've ever tried.
Bleach Silver Shampoo
This is the first Bleach product I've used and I was not left disappointed. As a faux blonde it can be difficult to avoid hair getting brassy undertones. This little gem is my life-saver as it helps to brighten and lighten blonde locks within a few minutes. I use this once a week to freshen up my hair colour.
Seventeen Tattoo Me Liquid Liner
I'd never been a fan of eye liner in a brush form as I'd always found them too fiddly. Alas, I have been converted. This liner from Seventeen claims up to 48 hours wear and it's not often I agree with product claims but I don't doubt it with this. If you're after a long-lasting liquid liner, look no further.

What have been you best beauty discoveries of 2014?


  1. Really good post. I want to try the mascara. I think I might have to pick it up on my next shopping trip

    Gemma x

  2. I really want to try the Dove Body Oil and Leave In Conditioner :) Never heard of the body oil by Dove before but I'm so excited to buy one now that you mentioned it here. Thank youuu


  3. Ooh that Dove Pampering Oil sounds amazing! Pistachio scent sounds so good x

    Kat from Blushing Rose

  4. If you like purple shampoos you should try purple conditioners. Do the job just as well but your hair isn't as dry. I love Evo's, it's a treatment and purple conditioner :) x


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