24 February 2015

Lush Hair Extensions Quad Weft |Review

lush hair extensions review

I'm quite girly when it comes to my hair and I'm constantly battling the long/short debate. I've always been too scared to try hair extensions for the fear that they'll look un-natural and that people will be able to notice I'm wearing them.

I've always wanted swishy mermaid-esque locks so I jumped at the opportunity when I was offered to try out some extensions from Lush Hair Extensions. The ones I'm wearing are the Quad Weft 20" Deluxe Blonde Highlights #18/613 which are the perfect match for my hair. The colour blends in beautifully with my hair and looks super natural. They are made from 100% human hair so are extremely soft and silky. The quad weft means that you not only achieve instant length but also volume. You have complete freedom to style the extensions however you desire - you are able to dye and use heated tools with ease. The 5 clips attached to the top of the extensions slot in place effortlessly.

If you're after some hair extensions I couldn't recommend Lush Hair Extensions enough.They have a wide variety of colours for you to choose from. 


  1. Oh my gosh your hair is so gorgeous, it looks really healthy!

  2. does the quad weft feel heavy?


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