31 March 2015

Soft & Gentle Skin Science

soft and gentle skin science review
Deodorant isn't the most exciting beauty product out there to talk about but it is an essential item. I've been testing out the new Skin Science range from Soft & Gentle which is created with advanced, clinically proven technology. Each deodorant offers you something a little extra to take your underarm care to the next level. I'm all having a greater choice when it concerns my armpits! Here's a little more information about the three new products available.

Want smoother underarms?
'Visibly Smooth' helps to reduce hair growth and thickness after 8 weeks. The star ingredient for smoother armpits is Kelisoft, which targets the protein responsible for hair growth. The deodorant also includes soybean to stop your underarms from drying out and becoming irritated. I normally use a razor to remove unwanted hair but I don't like how regularly I have to do it. This spray will hopefully allow me to shave less often!
Want some serious, long lasting protection? 
If you sweat more strongly than others, this will appeal to you. 'Ultra Protect' has an impressive 72 hour claim! Whilst I haven't been able to test this out over a three day period; I think this would be great for festivals or if you're off camping. It would also be good for those of you who exercise a lot and want a little extra protection. Like the entire Skin Science range each can is compressed and fits nicely into a handbag or gym bag. 
Want something natural?
'Really Pure' is made without Aluminium which a lot of people try to avoid. This is replaced with Potassium Alum, a naturally occurring mineral. The different between these two ingredients is that Potassium Alum is a much larger molecule than Aluminium and not thought to be absorbable through human skin. It also contains no alcohol or allergens.

Soft & Gentle Skin Science Anti-perspirant* 75ml rrp £2.09 and currently half price at Boots!

29 March 2015

Roger & Gallet Hand and Nail Balms | Review

 roger & gallet nail and hand balms review

If you don't enjoy using hand cream because the slippery, sticky texture puts you off then perhaps you'll be interested in the new Roger & Gallet Hand and Nail Balms.There are two different scents for you to choose from and I've been enjoying both Fleur De Figuier, an uplifting fig scent and Bienfaits - a lighter, fruity version.
The balms contain four active ingredients which include: Glycerin to moisturise and mattify the skin, Shea Butter to add nourishment, Aloe Vera to help hydrate and soothe dry skin and lastly Apricot Kernel Oil which softens hands and nails. Both products are a cocktail of skin-loving goodness and also contain SPF 15 to prevent sun damage.I love the waxy texture of these balms which leaves a matt finish but still manages to nourish and hydrate hands. These are great if you use your hands a lot for work and want something that will absorb quickly and leave no greasy film.

Roger & Gallet Nail and Hand Balms* 30ml rrp £6 each and available from Feel Unique

27 March 2015

Yves Rocher Serum Vegetal

Yves Rocher is a beauty brand which is relatively new to me. Since trying some products from their range last year I've been won over. I'm always impressed with the product quality and innovation so jumped at the chance to trial their latest range. 

The brand is really unique in the way it focuses on home-grown botanical ingredients and affordable, natural skincare. Yves Rocher's newest launch, Serum Vegetal is an anti-ageing range designed to nourish and restore the skin whilst smoothing lines and wrinkles. Whilst I'm currently wrinkle-free I see no reason not to prevent them in the future by starting early. The star ingredient in the new facial serums is mesembryanthemum crystallinum - also known as life plant. It is perfectly absorbed by skin and stimulates skin's protein and fights wrinkles. For more in-depth information about the science behind the products you can watch this video here

Both the day and night cream have a wonderful balmy texture. The uplifting fresh scent makes these a joy to use and the luxurious packaging allows the products to stand out on your dressing table. Both serums absorb into the skin quickly and after 2 weeks use I have noticed my skin appears firmer and incredibly soft. I just hope it is keeping the wrinkles at bay!

Yves Rocher Serum Vegetal Day and Night* rrp £42.00 and comes with free makeup bag. 

25 March 2015

4 Mini Reviews

Wet Brush Pro £11.99
If you suffer from tangled hair - listen up. Previous to trying the Wet Brush I was a big advocate of the Tangle Teezer. The only thing that niggled me about using it was the lack of handle and I was constantly dropping it. Since switching to the Wet Brush last year I haven't looked back since. I love the bright flower print of this design. See my full Wet Brush review here.
Activbod Feel Great Shower Concentrate £5
Activbod is a range created for use pre/post exercise. The range, available at Boots, contains 6 gender-free products formulated with therapeutic fragrances and ingredients for skin protection, perspiration and body control, plus cooling and warming agents to help prepare muscles and aid their recovery. I've been testing out the shower concentrate to help cleanse and refresh my body. The travel-friendly tube has an uplifting scent which helps cool and soothe post workout. A lovely little product which makes exercising more enjoyable!
Proactiv+ Skin Smoothing Exfoliator £25.99
Proactiv+ appealed to me becuase the range is designed to help reduce the appearance of spots and blemishes whilst leaving skin hydrated. Although I do suffer from blemishes I can also get really dry skin. The new range contains Smart Target Technology which is developed to deliver more salicylic acid straight to the pores. The Skin Smoothing Exfoliator is designed to be used daily to slough away dead skin cells, dirt, oil and makeup. It leaves skin feeling soft and smooth and is gentle enough for all skin types. It helps to treat blemishes and reduce the appearance of scars. Although this is a little pricey the big tube will last you ages!
Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Deodorant £6.40
I've been intrigued to test out a natural deodorant so I jumped at the opportunity to test out this one from Australian Bodycare. The non-irritating deodorant is designed to remove and prevent odour. Whilst I don't have strong body odour I tend to sweat a lot if I don't use the right protection. I did find this help to prevent sweating but it didn't completely mask odour and I don't think this would be strong enough if I was partaking in exercise. Let me know if you have any natural deodorant recommendations.

What products have you tried out recently? 

23 March 2015

I Love... & CoppaFeel #SHOWERHIJACK

I love... coppafeel showerhijack
UK Beauty brand I Love... has teamed up with breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel this month to urge ladies everywhere to fondle their breasts next time they shower.

I Love... have launched the Perfectly Peachy Shower Creme which features breast cancer signs and symbols on the bottle so you can get to know your peaches whilst you shower. 

If like me, you're guilty of not checking for lumps and bumps on a regular basis this campaign will hopefully encourage us to become more aware of our breasts. And if you're not sure what's normal and what isn't, the shower creme feature an informative chart detailing how to check your boobs and what to look out for. It's an added bonus that the Perfectly Peachy wash leaves my bathroom smelling like a fruity paradise. 

I think this is a lovely idea and I will definitely be taking part in the #SHOWERHIJACK campaign. Perfectly Peachy launches today (23 March),exclusive to Boots, so make sure you grab a bottle and don't forget to grab your boobs too. 

22 March 2015

Makeup Revolution Naked Underneath Palette | Review

You all know I can't resist a neutral eyeshadow palette. Say hello to the newest beauty in my collection - the Makeup Revolution Naked Underneath Palette. It's everything I could wish for; subtle shimmer, great colour pay-off and a selection of shades suitable for any occasion. 

You may not be able to tell from the photo above but the packaging is furry, yeah furry. I'm not too sure as to why you would want a furry palette but it's something different! It's what's on the inside that counts and that certainly is the case with this. For a budget buy these shadows are pretty impressive. Sixteen blend-able and wearable shades that last throughout the day. Plus, the large mirror is an added bonus. The palette contains a mixture of matte and shimmery shades with the latter being more pigmented. The colours make transitioning your look from day to night a whole lot easier. My most used shades are 'Wonderous' and 'Love'. The only colours I wasn't too impressed with were 'Attention' and 'Seeking' both of which didn't seem to pack much of a punch. 

If you love a smokey eye I think you're going to love this. Makeup Revolution Naked Underneath Palette* £7.99. Available to buy online here

18 March 2015

3 Makeup Products You Need For An Effortless Glow

makeup products for glowing skin

This awkward time inbetween seasons can play havoc on our skin. Mine certainly could do with a little TLC. I have a trio of multi-tasking miracle products to boost your complexion and leave it looking effortlessly glowing. 

When my skin is resembling 50 shades of grey I turn to a brightening base to boost my dull complexion. I've recently been loving the new CC foundation from Glo&Ray. This light-weight liquid seamlessly covers blemishes and imperfections but still manages to look natural on skin. The slightly dewy finish is perfect for Spring and if you want to achieve flawless, photo-shopped skin (we don't always want to look natural do we) use this as a primer and apply your favourite foundation on top. 
Temple Spa is a brand that's quickly becoming a firm favourite. Their products all ooze quality and have added skincare benefits. The Look On The Bright Side Instant Radiance Boost has a peachy tint to it which leaves skin looking juicy in a natural way without being too shimmery. The subtle glow this gives is suitable to apply all over, before makeup or after for an extra boost. 
If you're fond of creamy textures there is no doubt you wont love the Essence Cream to Powder Highlighter. This easy to blend cream works best swiped  onto cheekbones, under your brows or on your cupids bow for a natural highlight. The pinky-white tone would suit those with fair skin best but if you have a darker complexion I'd recommend the Temple Spa Illuminator.

Now you're well on your way to achieving a brighter, more radiant complexion. What are your go-to products for glowing skin?

15 March 2015

COLLECTION Field Day Lipstick | Review

collection field day lipstick
No doubt you're aching for Spring/Summer to arrive after seeing the COLLECTION Field Day makeup range. As well as launching three nail varnishes the collection also features three matte lipsticks. There is 'Tulip', a bright coral orange, 'Fuchsia', a very dark pink and 'Pink Rose' a blue toned pink. Each shade has a matte finish but glides on smoothly. The wear time for these is ok but you will need to re-apply after eating. The colours are all beautiful and help to brighten up your complexion. There is something quite Bridget Bardot about 'Pink Rose' and I think 'Fuchsia' would look great against a fair complexion whereas 'Tulip' would really suit tanned, olive skin.
(l-r: Tulip,Fuchsia and Pink Rose) 

COLLECTION  Field Day Lipsticks available from Superdrug now and in Boots on March 18th. 

P.s As you're reading this I'll be driving up North to do some work experience with a Beauty company for a week. Fear not, posts will resume as normal and I have some corkers lined up for you. There may be a delay in replying to comments and emails however! 

14 March 2015

What's In My Mum's Makeup Bag

I wanted to write a Mother's Day post this year but still keeping with the beauty theme. My first experience with makeup was secretly trying out my mum's red lipstick on myself then crying when I couldn't get it off. Eight years later my intrigue had grown stronger and I began to ask Mum for beauty advice. She introduced me to my first fragrance (Versace Red Jeans), told me about white eyeliner and allowed me to experiment with beauty. The latter wasn't always for the best; hello fake tan disaster and dodgy hair cut.

Nevertheless, my Mum has been such an influential women to me especially when it comes to all things beauty related. I'm taking a peek inside her daily make up bag to share with you her beauty favourites. Take note - Mum knows best.

"I wear make up most days. For foundation I like is Revlon Colourstay because the colour stays (laughs). If I didn't use this foundation I'd  end up with it around my collar. I've resigned that I've got really bad baggy eyes so I have to wear concealer. I use Collection Lasting Perfection because you told me to .I don't wear blusher because I don't know how to and don't want to end up looking like aunt sally!"

"The No7 Sensitive mascara is my favourite, I prefer the plastic bristle brushes on mascaras - I'm not one for clumps! When it comes to eye shadow I tend to stick to neutral brown shades. No pearls, no shimmer just mattes as I don't want anything to accentuate my wrinkles. I'm getting into those crayons (Max Factor Eye Shadow Sticks), but they are very hard to use. Asda's Liquid black eyeliner is my favourite, it's like £1.50 and it lasts for ages."

"I do like a nice lipstick. Anything creamy, matte and neutral. My most worn lipstick is MAC Blankety or No7 Moisture Drench in 'Rumour' which is now discontinued. Or I'll go for an 80's pink. I have to wear lip balm every single day."

"At the minute I'm loving oils - facial oils and body oils. I'm in love with geranium oil for my face, that feels really good on my skin, it just drinks it up." 

"If I could invent any kind of make up I would invent leopard print eye shadow." And I think that's where we should end the interview...

Thanks Mum for letting me delve into your make up bag. I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post. How are you spending this Mother's Day?

13 March 2015

COLLECTION Field Day Nail Polish | Review

collection field day nail polish
You may have read last week about my excitement regarding the latest launch from COLLECTION. Today I'am talking about the new Field Day nail polishes. The range consists of three shades - 'Heather', a muted brown with subtle hints of lilac and grey, 'Peach Blossom' a pastel peach colour which would look great against tanned skin and 'Peony', a soft bubblegum, barbie-pink.

The floral inspired polishes are £1.99 each and last around 3-4 days (sans top coat) without chipping. These are a great way to update your look for Spring on a budget. I'm currently loving 'Peony' which you can see me wearing here.

Available from Superdrug from March 11th and in Boots on March 18th.

11 March 2015

Mother's Day Candle Selection

I can't believe how quickly Mother's Day has come around this year. Soon it will be Christmas again! (yeah, maybe not) Usually for Mothering Sunday I'll gift my Mum her favourite chocolates or a beauty product she has been lusting after but this year I wanted to celebrate my appreciation for her with a candle. Candles can be a bit of a marmite product but for me, and my mum, we are obsessed. We have candles filling every surface in the house. They are a little jar of opulence and can transform your mood. There is nothing quite like a beautifully scented candle to add ambiance to a room. I have three candles for three different types of Mums...

For the Mum who likes a pamper -
Temple Spa 'Light My Fire'* £25.00 (LINK)
I don't think you can get a more up-lifting candle. The absence of any floral fragrance makes this fresh,  green-y scent perfect for a candlelit bathroom. Notes of clary sage, grapefruit, ginger, orange and peppermint makes this candle a little herb-y and sightly fruity. It's the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing pamper evening; something I'm sure most Mums would love to indulge in. The candle is made from 100% sustainable & renewable soya wax and comes beautifully packaged.
For the Mum who enjoys a drink
Cocktail Cosmopolitan £9.99 (LINK)
If your Mum is one for cocktails she will love this quirky candle. The orange and cranberry scent is basically a Cosmopolitan in wax form. The hint of spiciness adds to this chic candle and gives it a delicious aroma. It is made from 100% vegetable wax and has a burning time of 30 hours. 
For the Mum who loves to travel -
Ted Baker Residence in Miami £28.00* (LINK)
The Residence collection of candles is inspired by Ted's favourite cities. Each fragrance tells a different story and is designed to take you on a unique journey across the world. I have been experiencing 'Miami' which is infused with sweet Star Apple and Passion Fruit. The juicy cocktail combination creates the ultimate girly scent which makes me yearn for sunny Florida. The range also features 'London', 'Sydney' and 'New York'. Each candle comes housed in a stunning white, ceramic jar which oozes quality and leaves me a little doe-eyed.

Which candle do you think suits your mum best? What are your plans for Mother's Day? 

10 March 2015

I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts | Review

blushing hearts review and swatchesnew blushing hearts shades
(l-r goddess of faith, bursting with love and iced hearts)
 i heart makeup blushing hearts review
(l-r peachy pink princess, hot summer of love, golden goddess)

Get ready for some serious heart-eyed emoji action. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how pretty these triple baked blushers from I Heart Makeup are. All done? I shall continue with the review.

The range features 12 lust-worthy products which include blushers, highlighters and bronzers; there is something there for everyone. I've been testing out six new shades for 2015.

I have fallen in love with the cute heart-shaped packaging. The cardboard boxes these come in are a little bit bulky but I still adore them. Each blusher and bronzer compact is made up of three shimmery shades which can be swirled together to create a custom colour or used individually. The pigmentation is surprisingly good for a budget brand. The triple baked formula creates a super soft texture with great colour pay-off. I'd recommend using a fluffy blusher brush to apply these and tap of any excess beforehand to avoid an over glow. The shimmery shades aren't glittery and provide a beautiful glow to skin.

makeup revolution blushing hearts review
'Blushing Hearts Bursting With Love'

My favourite product from the bunch has to be Goddess Of Love in Faith which a dreamy, champagne shade perfect for highlighting the tops of cheekbones. I can't choose between the three blushers I have as they are all equally beautiful. The Hot Summer Of Love bronzer is going to be my go-to colour for Summer.

I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts* £4.99 each and available to purchase from the Makeup Revolution online shop here

8 March 2015

COLLECTION Field Day Makeup Launch

collection field day makeup review

I love this time of year when makeup brands bring out their Spring/Summer collections. I welcome a wash of lighter shades and bright bubblegum lipsticks with open arms, come to Kia. I've got my hands on the new 'Field Day' range from British makeup brand COLLECTION. Inspired by the countryside, wild flowers and overgrown meadows the range includes 3 nail polishes, 3 lipsticks and 2 eyeshadow crayons. The products are a captivating mixture of grassy greens, muted rose tones and sunny golden hues - I can practically feel the warm sunshine tingling my skin. The fresh white packaging laced with delicate orange flowers has an almost sixties feel to it. COLLECTION is one of my favourite highstreet makeup brands and this latest launch looks like it's going to further my admiration.

COLLECTION Field Day is launching this month in Superdrug and Boots.Prices range from £1.99-£3.19. Keep your eyes peeled for reviews of the products above!

6 March 2015

The Only 4 Lipstick Colours You Need

Hello, My name is Kia and I'am a lipstick hoarder. I own far too many and I can't help but to continue to purchase more. Despite my makeup obsession I have come to the conclusion that you only need 4 lipsticks in your makeup bag to complete your collection and be ready for any occasion. Read on to find out what the only four lipstick colours you need are...

1. A nude lipstick is an everyday must have. Nude doesn't mean 'no colour', if you have fair skin it should have a pink-y, rose hue to it which will brighten up your complexion. If you have a warmer, olive skintone go for something more peachy and dark skin girls should opt for golden shades.

2. Ahh red lipstick, as if I don't express my love for you enough. Many women tend to fear it's boldness but I strongly believe anyone can wear red, it's just about having the confidence to do so. If you're unsure how to wear it see my post on '5 Ways To Wear Red Lipstick' for tips and product recommendations. I love wearing red with a fresh complexion and brown mascara.

3. Dark lipstick needn't be gothic (unless that's the look you're going for!) and hard to wear. There is something very sultry and unapologetic about a plum shade on the lips. Dab on lightly to create a stain to get that I've-spent-all-afternoon-eating-blackberries look. Here are my top drugstore plum shades.

4. Lastly, and perfect timing for Spring - Coral lipstick. Orange is a bold statement which looks incredible against tanned skin. Use a matte lipstick to keep the look modern and apply to your cheeks too for a matchy matchy makeup look.

Will you be condensing down your lipstick collection to just these four staple shades, like me? NAAAAT. But seriously, this is helpful when packing makeup to go away or if you're new to trying lipstick. 

5 March 2015

The Library Of Fragrance in Paperback | Review

There are some scents which just evoke happiness for me. Sunshine, play doh, pizza, liquorice, books.. the list goes on. Thanks to innovative fragrance brand, The Library of Fragrance I can now wear these odd scents on a daily basis.

The brands mission is to create products that allow the individual to select fragrance based on their own preferences - rather than a designer, celebrity or a perfumers' idea of what those preferences should be. There are over 300 different fragrances available on their website here. I urge you to have a browse of all the interesting scents they have to offer.

I love reading books. I love the feel of books. I love the scent of books. It was only natural that my first experience of The Library of Fragrance would be 'Paperback', a scent inspired by second hand bookshops and aged novels. Don't worry, this won't make sure smell like a dusty old book - it's a little more complex than that. A creamy concoction of milky-vanilla and woody facets make up this cologne. A subtle hint of must and dust add to the experience re-creating that paperback scent so many of us love. The fragrance lasts surprisingly well, I sprayed this on before work around 8.00am and I could still smell it on my skin in the evening.

I'd highly recommend trying out a fragrance from the brand. The quality is superb and they have a vast range of unusual products so it's guaranteed there is something for everyone. I can see myself buying these as gifts for fussy-fragrance family members!

The Library of Fragrance in Paperback* £15 for 30ml available online here. You can also purchase selected fragrances from Boots.

p.s have you read my review of the newest fragrance from Hugo Boss? Find out more here.

3 March 2015

Frizz-Fighting Trio

OGX Kukui Oil Range Review
Much like our skin, our hair can become dry and frizzy post the harsh winter months and as Spring hasn't quite made an appearance in the UK yet those bad hair days are set to continue, brilliant.

If your hair is feeling dry and looking dull you'll be happy to hear innovative haircare brand, OGX have just launched a new range designed to hydrate locks and fight frizz. The magic ingredient being kukui nut oil - an ancient hawaiian secret used to waterproof wooden goods and surfboards. The range claims to repel humidity and seal in moisture to ensure everyday is a good hair day.

The first step to combating frizzy hair is to use the Kukui Oil Shampoo. This gentle shampoo helps to smooth hair and enhance shine without stripping it. For an indulgent combination use this in conjunction with the Kukui Oil Conditioner. The thick formula seals in moisture and leaves hair feeling soft and smooth. The star of the frizz-fighting trio has to be the Kukui Oil Anti-Frizz Hydrating Oil. Both fine and thick haired gals can fight off frizz with this light-weight spray oil. This can be used on damp hair to provide deep nourishment or as I prefer to use it - on dry hair to add shine and tame fly-aways. The spray dispenser means you won't be left with greasy, weighed down hair.

The OGX Kukui Nut Oil* range retails for £6.99 each and are available from Waitrose.

1 March 2015

COLLECTION Eyes Uncovered Palettes | Review

collection eyes uncovered palettes
Last year you may have seen me rave about the COLLECTION x Little Mix eyeshadow palette. Well now the brand have launched three new eyeshadow palettes to satisfy my nude needs. Each palette contains 6 neutral colours all of which are a buttery, creamy consistency. These are excellent value for money and the perfect budget-buy for nude lovers. 
collection nude grey palette review
'Nude Grey' has some brilliant dark,smokey shades in there which are great for achieving a classic smokey eye. Each shade bar the lightest has a subtle shimmer to them. 
collection nude bronze palette review
As you probably guessed by the name this has 6 shimmery, bronze-y shades. There is no black in this palette which is fine by me as it often goes unused. 
collection nude palette review
'Nude' is the ideal everyday palette and great for those who prefer matte eyeshadows. Three light shades and three dark shades makes this palette good for going day-to-night with your eye makeup. 

I'd highly recommend checking out these new palettes next time you're instore. Each palette retails at £3.99 and available from Boots and Superdrug
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