31 March 2015

Soft & Gentle Skin Science

soft and gentle skin science review
Deodorant isn't the most exciting beauty product out there to talk about but it is an essential item. I've been testing out the new Skin Science range from Soft & Gentle which is created with advanced, clinically proven technology. Each deodorant offers you something a little extra to take your underarm care to the next level. I'm all having a greater choice when it concerns my armpits! Here's a little more information about the three new products available.

Want smoother underarms?
'Visibly Smooth' helps to reduce hair growth and thickness after 8 weeks. The star ingredient for smoother armpits is Kelisoft, which targets the protein responsible for hair growth. The deodorant also includes soybean to stop your underarms from drying out and becoming irritated. I normally use a razor to remove unwanted hair but I don't like how regularly I have to do it. This spray will hopefully allow me to shave less often!
Want some serious, long lasting protection? 
If you sweat more strongly than others, this will appeal to you. 'Ultra Protect' has an impressive 72 hour claim! Whilst I haven't been able to test this out over a three day period; I think this would be great for festivals or if you're off camping. It would also be good for those of you who exercise a lot and want a little extra protection. Like the entire Skin Science range each can is compressed and fits nicely into a handbag or gym bag. 
Want something natural?
'Really Pure' is made without Aluminium which a lot of people try to avoid. This is replaced with Potassium Alum, a naturally occurring mineral. The different between these two ingredients is that Potassium Alum is a much larger molecule than Aluminium and not thought to be absorbable through human skin. It also contains no alcohol or allergens.

Soft & Gentle Skin Science Anti-perspirant* 75ml rrp £2.09 and currently half price at Boots!

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