6 March 2015

The Only 4 Lipstick Colours You Need

Hello, My name is Kia and I'am a lipstick hoarder. I own far too many and I can't help but to continue to purchase more. Despite my makeup obsession I have come to the conclusion that you only need 4 lipsticks in your makeup bag to complete your collection and be ready for any occasion. Read on to find out what the only four lipstick colours you need are...

1. A nude lipstick is an everyday must have. Nude doesn't mean 'no colour', if you have fair skin it should have a pink-y, rose hue to it which will brighten up your complexion. If you have a warmer, olive skintone go for something more peachy and dark skin girls should opt for golden shades.

2. Ahh red lipstick, as if I don't express my love for you enough. Many women tend to fear it's boldness but I strongly believe anyone can wear red, it's just about having the confidence to do so. If you're unsure how to wear it see my post on '5 Ways To Wear Red Lipstick' for tips and product recommendations. I love wearing red with a fresh complexion and brown mascara.

3. Dark lipstick needn't be gothic (unless that's the look you're going for!) and hard to wear. There is something very sultry and unapologetic about a plum shade on the lips. Dab on lightly to create a stain to get that I've-spent-all-afternoon-eating-blackberries look. Here are my top drugstore plum shades.

4. Lastly, and perfect timing for Spring - Coral lipstick. Orange is a bold statement which looks incredible against tanned skin. Use a matte lipstick to keep the look modern and apply to your cheeks too for a matchy matchy makeup look.

Will you be condensing down your lipstick collection to just these four staple shades, like me? NAAAAT. But seriously, this is helpful when packing makeup to go away or if you're new to trying lipstick. 


  1. Loved this, I never wear lipstick much but I really want to give a try. This will be a massive help, thanks!


  2. I'd probably add a hot pink to the list but this is a really good idea! I'm a hoarder as well though, so I'm not sure I could cut it down to just four! xx


  3. Wow such gorgeous shades, I have to agree I own way too many but can’t help myself hehe. I’ve only recently got into red lipstick but looks so amazing on now :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee


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