17 April 2015

Budget Buy For Blonde Hair

Fellow blondes will know just how much of a struggle it is to maintain. Although us blondes do have more fun, we are constantly combating dryness and dulling. I've been testing out a product which claims to solve all your blonde hair woes for just £1.

The Sunshine Blonde range from Creightons is designed to help with dulling, dryness, colour change and elasticity. I always use products created for coloured hair to prolong getting my locks re-done. This range is specially made for natural and coloured blondes. The shampoo is extra moisturising and as my hair needs all the extra moisture it can get I use a generous dollop. The silky formula softens and smooths damaged hair without leaving it feeling weighed down. The conditioner also helps to smooth dry hair and brighten dull, brassy tones. Both products used together leave my hair feeling super soft and really does help to brighten my blonde strands. For £1 a bottle I am pleasantly surprised!

Sunshine Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner £1 each from Poundland

Do you struggle to keep your blonde hair blonde? 

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  1. I need to track this down for my Mum! X www.claire-frances.blogspot.co.uk


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