26 April 2015

Weekend catch-up

In a bid to make this little part of the Internet more personal and keep updated with you guys regularly I'm starting a new series. I love beauty products. Not just love, I adore them. Buying a new lipstick makes my heart flutter and my palms all sweaty. The feeling of using a new moisturiser for the first time is an unbeatable pleasure. I want to share with you my weekly beauty stories; whether that be new purchases, empties, sales..or just anything that gets me excited.

Testing out: When I stay around my boyfriend's place I'll ALWAYS forget to pack something and in last weeks case it was foundation. Initially the thought of being naked in the face department all weekend made me feel sick but I did it and to my surprise it wasn't that bad after all. I decided to spend the week sans foundation and my skin is thanking me for it. I feel so much more confident without wearing a base and I'll continue to do so. I'm pretty happy with my skin but one niggle I do have is the scars that are left behind from blemishes. I have a fair few on my chin and to try and get rid of them I have been using Remescar. I've heard loads of good things about it so will keep you updated.

Sales: Boots are currently offering 15% off when you spend £30 or more of premium beauty products. They haven't said when the offer will end but I would stock up on your favourites before they go out of stock! 

New in: Launching next month are lots of lovely new lipsticks and nail varnishes from Collection. I'm such a huge fan of the brand already and these new products have increased my admiration. I'll be testing out the new products next week and keep you updated. 

Products of the week: If you're following me on Instagram you would have seen I recently chopped off my long locks and opted for a lob. I had been ogling over pictures of Rosie Huntington Whitely's short cut and I decided to just go for it! I'm so happy I did, I'm loving short hair! A new hairstyle means new hair products, right? I've been using the Tevor Sorbie Colour shampoo and conditioner to prolong my darker colour and I'm on the hunt for a volumizing product to add some texture to my roots. Any recommendations?

Wishlist: I'm a drugstore girl at heart but this week Chanel has me lusting after their new CC cream. At a whopping £44.00 a go it's not cheap. But the beautiful packaging and impressive SPF 50 has me yearning to make this beauty mine. 

Let me know if you like the idea of this feature and if you had any categories in mind for next week's catch-up!

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