31 May 2015

The 2 Minute Trick To Smoother Hair

I'm a sucker for a good pamper. I like to dedicate Sunday evenings to some serious me-time with an indulgent pamper session. I'll slather my body from head-to-toe in my favourite products and leave my bathroom feeling like a proper lady. The latest pamper product I've been testing out is a budget-buy from Creightons.

The Keratin Pro 2 Minute Treatment is formulated to boost natural keratin levels and provide protection against excessive heat and pollution. It also helps repair damaged and stressed hair cells - this product was made for me!

You apply this from root to tip and leave on for 2 minutes before rinsing out. This smells amazing and has a thick texture. Once rinsed out my hair feels silky smooth and is A LOT easier to manage. This would be perfect for those with tangly hair. I was pleasantly surprised how enjoyable this is to use especially considering the price. Next time you're hunting out bargains in Poundland make sure to add this little gem to your basket. 

Creightons Keratin Pro 2 Minute Super Smooth Treatment £1.00 available from Poundland

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29 May 2015

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier EDP: Review

fleur de figuier eau de parfum review
I know summer is on its way when I swap my comforting winter fragrance for something a little lighter and brighter. I want to wear an uplifting scent that will match the warmer weather and brighten my mood. Mood enchantment is at the heart of what Roger and Gallet does so what better way to welcome the new season than with the first ever Eau De Parfum from Roger & Gallet. 

The latest launch is a new addition to the Fleur de Figuier range (reviewed here) composed by world-renowned perfumer Francis Furkdjian. The fragrance is described as a 'modern floral' scent with 'relaxing' properties. A spray of this will transport you to an endless Mediterranean summer. If you're a fan of the existing fig range from Roger and Gallet or are just a fig fanatic in general you'll love this rich, long-lasting fragrance.

Now, I already love the Ultra Nourishing Oil version of the Fleur de Figuier EDP ( you can read the review here) and I am a fig convert so you can imagine my delight upon receiving this. The fragrance opens up with top notes of mandarin and pink pepper accords, followed by a signature of heart of fig pulp and fig bud which offers a velvety touch. In the base there is a warm muskiness provided by patchouli. This beautiful mix of fig scents creates a soft prettiness which makes it ideal for summer.

This feels super-feminine without being overly sweet. It's an all-hours, Mediterranean-inspired blend which evokes a laid-back vibe. All I need now is a straw hat and a sunlounger.

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier EDP* is £40.50 for 50ml but currently on offer this month at Escentual

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28 May 2015

Ted Baker Pink Beauty Bag

Ted Baker Pink Beauty Bag review
Let's all just take a minute to appreciate the beautiful pink packaging of the latest range from Ted Baker. Anything rose gold or pink immediately wins my heart. Ted Baker's new indulgent bath and body collection is a pastel lovers dream.

The Pink Beauty Bag* (£25.00) comes in a sturdy delicate pink case which has a melting watercolour print of luscious flowers. It's the perfect size for stashing toiletries or taking away on holiday. Inside, the striking neon lining holds a luxurious Body Souffle, Body Wash and Body Spray. Note how the brilliance of the Sugar Sweet collection inspires daydreaming. The soft floral pink range has a delicate, pretty floral scent of jasmine and neroli with base notes of patchouli and sandalwood to complete the fragrance. I definitely recommend giving the collection a sniff next time you pass it in Boots.

The Pink Beauty Bag and its contents are almost too pretty to use. This delightful trio is guaranteed to pamper you to perfection!

26 May 2015

How To Fake A Lie In

how to fake a lie in
When you're extremely low on sleep your face shows it. But before you reach for the coffee I have some superhero products that will make you look like you have had a glorious lie-in in a beautiful sun-lit loft when really you've had 3 hours sleep.

- Start your morning off right with an illuminating serum. The Vichy Life Serum helps to bring life back into your complexion. Gently massage in to combat sluggish skin fast. This light-weight serum contains tiny pearls which instantly perk up your complexion and give it a healthy glow.
- De-puff your eyes with an hydrating eye cream. I currently love the BeautyLab Instant Renewal Eye Complex*. I gently pat this in and I can notice immediately my undereye bags are less noticeable.
- To cover up dark circles use a highlighting concealer like the Elizabeth Arden Correcting and Highlighting Pen*. It has a yellow tint to it making it ideal for blue-y toned shadows.
- Lack of sleep can also cause your eyes to look red. Whenever I want them to appear brighter I'll take a flesh-toned eyeliner and line my waterline. My go to is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Liner in Nude.
- The Seventeen Skin Wow Primer is a new favourite of mine. It's great for perking up your fatigued face as its shimmery particles help you achieve a dewy glow in seconds. On days when I'm feeling really tired I'll use this all over before applying foundation.

Add a bold lip to divert attention from your tiredness and help boost your mood! What do you do when you haven't slept and it shows? 

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24 May 2015

The Weekend Catch-up #5

Yay it's the weekend! Plus it's a bank holiday - woo! I'll be spending the extra day off with good friends and good food. I have my fingers crossed it will be a sunny one so I can finally bare my legs. I've been good this week and haven't purchased any beauty products. That said, I may have bought some new shoes..and a dress..and a bikini #feelingspendy.

Brighter Skin: I had a day off this week so I stepped outside for some much needed vitamin D. As I have very fair skin I only stayed out for 20 minutes without SPF but unfortunately that was still too long and I woke up with patchy, uneven skin. I had no idea brown spots could appear so quickly! After a little research it appears I might have hyperpigmentation as a result of hormones. I'm no expert but I've got out all my brightening skincare products to help even out my complexion. Fingers crossed it works!

Empties: It's such a rarity that I manage to completely finish a product I just had to give it a mention in my weekend catch-up. I was proud to use up the Roger & Gallet Body Sorbet. I'm awful at remembering to moisturise my body but I really enjoyed using this and was a little sad to say goodbye. It made my skin feel incredibly soft and was deliciously perfumed. I also finished the Vichy Normadern Hyaluspot which targets imperfections. I found it did help to reduce my spots but it also claimed to leave no marks which I didn't find to be true, not a repurchase for me.

Testing out: I've been craving a summer holiday all week but with none on the cards I have been enjoying some new summer launches instead. The new Lord and Berry summer collection includes sizzling shades that would be the perfect accompaniment to a white bikini. Full review to follow.

Giveaway winners: Thank you to everyone who entered my Witch Skincare giveaway. The ten winners have now been contacted and you'll receive your prize next week!

Further reading: Did you miss my post about vagina care? Yep, you read that right. Read all about looking after your lady bits here.

I hope you have a lovely weekend! What fun things are you getting up to?

22 May 2015

The Trick To Concealing Dark Circles

I was born looking tired so I've been battling dark circles my whole life. Discovering makeup in my early teens was a game changer as I finally found a solution to disguise them. I've tried every method under the sun from placing tea bags on my eyes, cucumber slices and various eye creams. My most trusted method is using concealer and a tinted eye cream. After many years of hunting for the perfect concealer to cover my pesky bags I've found products and a technique I'm happy with. If you also suffer with hereditary dark circles hopefully you'll find this helpful. 

From experience I find it vital to use an eye cream before applying concealer. It helps makeup go on smoother, last longer and prevents creasing. I'm currently using (and adoring) the BeautyLab Instant Renewal Eye Complex*. The hydrating formula contains light diffusing particles which help to make the undereye area appear brighter. If that option is out of your budget I also love the L'oreal Skin Perfection eye cream. My favourite way to apply eye cream is to use a grain of rice sized amount for each eye and gently tap it in until the product has been absorbed. 

Part one of the concealing technique I use is to correct any discolouration. My dark circles are quite blue-y toned and benefit from a peach coloured concealer. My go to product is the Seventeen Phoawr Paint in Fair. The creamy compact doesn't dry out skin and offers full coverage. I'll apply 1-2 thin layers of this before moving onto the next step. I prefer to apply this with a flat eyeshadow brush after foundation. Another honourable mention goes to the infamous Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer which I've repurchased countless times. 

Now the dark circles are almost covered up I take a brightening concealer to highlight the undereye area. I'll take something like the Elizabeth Arden Correcting and Highlighting Concealer* in 1 and dot directly underneath my eye bags before blending in with the Real Techniques Contour brush (the holy grail brush for seamless concealer application). A great drugstore alternative for the EA one is the L'oreal True Match Touche Magique. Be sure to buff in well so as to avoid a panda-eye effect. 

So the trick to concealing dark circles is to use two concealers. Firstly a high coverage, heavy duty option followed by layering a highlighting concealer on top. You could also finish off the look with a powder that contains light diffusing particles. I am yet to find one of these I like so do let me know of any! 

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21 May 2015

A Cleanser For Your Lady Bits

I generally find the feminine hygiene industry to be pretty cringey and outdated. Why would you buy something with the word 'vag' in it? I don't feel very confident about buying products for my lady bits let alone typing the word 'vagina' on here. But I do think it is an issue that should be discussed and I want to help you feel more comfortable buying intimate care products. I've enlisted in the help of new healthcare brand, SASS. 

SASS have created 9 intimate care products to encourage the modern women to take care of their vaginas, we only get one after all! Each product is designed to fit every lifestyle. The range is packaged is sleek, discreet bottles which actually look quite fancy in my shower. I've been trialling a few products from the range, here's how I got on...

Intimate Purifying Cleanser £7
We use a separate cleanser for our face and body so it makes sense to use a different one for lady parts. This is designed to be used as an every day cleanser to keep intimate harmony through its probiotic action, promoting good bacteria. I usually just use water to clean down there -TMI, as is this whole post - as my area isn't very strongly scented. It was a pleasant change to use this creamy cleanser and left me feeling fresh. It's not something I'd use every day but I'll use it once or twice a week to ensure optimum cleanliness. I also think this would be perfect for that time of month when you don't feel your best. 
Smooth and Soothe Shave Gel £10
If you're the kind of person who like to use a separate product for each body part this is going to be a delight. This has been specially designed to be used on your intimate area. The product is clear and non-foaming so you can see precisely where you're shaving. The purifying Salicylic Acid and exfoliating Fruit Enzymes help minimise ingrown hairs and razor bumps. 
Refreshing Mist £8
We are busy ladies and often rushing about, which can make it hard to stay feeling fresh as the intimate area naturally build up odour. This little spray is perfect for popping in your handbag and spritzing anytime, anywhere. Kind of like a facial mist but not for your face...

Would you try any intimate care products from SASS? If you have any questions at all, ANY, feel free to ask. No question is too personal for this topic. Consider this your vagina monologue. This is a safe place.

*pr samples

19 May 2015

Cream vs Powder Blusher Debate

cream vs powder blusher
collection gorgeous glow review
collection speedy sticks review

I love a good beauty debate. Foundation or BB cream? Plastic or bristle wand? Liquid or kohl? Today's beauty question is cream or powder blusher? I've never had a strong relationship with blusher. I'm happy to save when it comes to purchasing so I can splurge out on the things I love such as mascara or concealer. Don't get me wrong, I love the way blusher perks up your complexion but it doesn't get me excited. That is until I tried these new offerings from COLLECTION- now I'm back on the blusher bandwagon!

Fighting in the cream corner are the new COLLECTION Speedy Blush Sticks*. Available in three summery shades these offer a soft hue of colour to the apples of your cheeks. Beginners - these are for you, they are impossible to bodge up.These blend easily and have a velvet finish making them also suitable for oily skin gals. I simply stripe it on and blend in with my fingers. These are a fool-proof option for fellow blush noobs. It's also worth noting that the creaminess of these sticks make them an ideal candidate for lip colour too.

Representing powder products are the new Gorgeous Glow compacts*. These come in two shades - pink (Blush Block) and bronze (Bronze Block). Each palette contains five shimmering hues which swirl together to create a subtle sunkissed glow. I'm favouring the bronzed option for the upcoming warmer months. These aren't overly shimmery but give you a healthy glow like you've just woken up in a sun-lit loft. Their use doesn't end at cheekbones - these also add an appealing gleam to temples, your collarbone and eyes. 

On one hand the Speedy Sticks are perfect for a fuss-free way to add a pinch of colour to your cheeks. But the Gorgeous Glow palettes are so versatile and create a beautiful sunkissed glow. Where do you stand on the blusher debate? Are you #TeamCream or #PowderPosse? I'm still unsure but slightly swaying over to the cream side. Over to you guys, place your vote here

COLLECTION Speedy Sticks and Gorgeous Glow Palettes £3.99 available from Superdrug and Boots.

17 May 2015

Weekend Catch-up #4

Oh hey there. We're halfway into May and this week has felt anything but summery. I may have purchased a bikini and some sun cream this week in vain as it doesn't look to be hotting up here anytime soon. This week I headed to London for a beauty event and fitted in a bit of shopping beforehand, it would've been rude not to. I hope you've had a fantastic week - and good luck if you have exams at the minute! 

Packaging Porn: You know when something is so beautiful you don't want to use it? That is the case with the newest products from Ted Baker. Choose from Pink or Mint coloured products, it's not going to be an easy decision.
The Event: On Thursday I headed to London on the Train to attend a Body Shop event. We were introduced to their new limited edition Virgin Mojito Body Range. The products launch next month and they smell truly incredible. It's sure to inject hot summer days into your life even if it's raining outside, which it most probably is.
Wishlist: My all time favourite highsteet mascara - Bourjois 1 Second Volume has just been released in a pretty for summer. I don't need another one just yet but who can resist the beautiful floral print?
Currently Testing: A little sneak peek at some products you can expect to see on here soon. There is something for blusher noobs, fig fanatics and spf lovers.

16 May 2015

The Body Shop #HappySkin Event

The lovely guys at The Body Shop and Tradedoubler hosted an evening showcasing their newest summer releases. Held at the swanky Westbury Hotel just off Oxford Street,the  nighlights shone green and orange over the gorgeous new products and Mojitos which greeted us upon arrival. Representatives from The Body Shop were on hand to give us skincare consultations and makeup artists stood beside tables crammed with the latest products. We were invited to pull up a chair and have a chat about what new things they had to offer. The canap├ęs were delicious - food tastes so much better in miniature form!

First up we were introduced to the new limited edition Virgin Mojito Body Range by global skincare expert, Dr Terry. The collection is designed to keep your skin cool and add some tropical hydration to your summer bodycare routine. The whole range smells incredible - almost good enough to drink, it's like happy hour for your skin. The stand out product for me was the Virgin Mojito Body Scrub; it's invigorating scent and cooling texture makes this great for removing sticky sun cream. The new range launches on the 2nd June but it's worth the wait.

Another launch that got me excited (and available to buy now!) was the new Vitamin C skincare products. As someone who suffers from tired, dull skin I was thrilled to try the Glow Boosting Moisturiser. Unlike other Vitamin C products on the market, The Body Shop use one of the most potent natural sources of vitamin C in the world: the camu camu berry, from the depths of the Amazonian rainforest. These berries really pack a punch and contain up to 60 times the vitamin C power of an orange! I've tested this gel cream out this morning and it was definitely love at first use, keep an eye out for a full review soon!

What is summer without a bit of bronze-y goodness? This season TBS are treating us to three new launches in the Honey Bronze Collection so you can achieve a head-to-toe sunkissed glow. I was really impressed with how natural and subtle all the bronzing products were - not an orange limb in sight. Keep an eye out for the Honey Bronze Face Gel, Tinted Leg Mist and Highlighting Domes. I was also eyeing up their new Honey Bronze Bronzers so I think a trip to The Body Shop is on the cards soon.

Overall it was a lovely event, gorgeous setting, great company and lots of beautiful new products that are on their way to stores soon. I recommend having a gander at the Vitamin C skincare range!

13 May 2015

7 days, 7 fragrances

Some days I'll completely skip fragrance as it's often part of my routine I forget. However, I do enjoy perfume and I can't go past a fragrance counter without a little spray of the newest launches. This week I've had a fragrance overdose and have been trialing a different one each day. Here's how I got on..

Monday: I started off the week with a newbie from Britney Spears. Her latest fragrance, Rocker Femme Fantasy*is described as a daring scent with notes of vanilla musk, creamy violet and blackberry liquor. Once settled I can definitely smell the creamy accords which gives the fragrance a soft, subtle quality.  A mixture of creamy coconut, vanilla and golden amber makes this great for musk-lovers. 
Tuesday: It felt very summery outside so I reached for Oh, Lola! by Marc Jacobs. I absolutely adore MJ perfume bottles (Daisy Dream is next on the wishlist). The scent is so fresh and light making it perfect for the warmer weather. The wonderfully sweet scent has top notes of pear and raspberry with base notes of vanilla and sandalwood. As it is a very light fragrance I do find I have to re-apply it more often.
Wednesday: Another favourite of mine - Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. I've been using this for just over a year and it's my go-to scent if I want to feel confident. I'm not always a fan of floral scents but this I love. The perfume is scented with freesia, rose and jasmine. The subtle notes of patchouli helps prevent this from becoming too overpowering.
Thursday: I was clearly feeling quite fancy as I opted for Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Despite having a Chanel fragrance in my header, I don't get along with many of them. This is a very sophisticated yet wearable scent. Described as an oriental-floral fragrance I think this one has to be sniffed. A lovely unique scent that you can't go wrong with.
Friday: I'm not a huge fan of celebrity fragrances as I just get what appeals to me regardless of the brand. I have no strong feelings towards Kelly Brook but nonetheless wanted to find out what her newest scent had to offer. Auditionis set out to be a timeless and elegant scent that gives confidence. Tops notes include a concoction of bergamot, melon and water apple. It's base notes of vanilla and amber create just the right mixture of sweet and musk without being overpowering. This a really affordable, feminine fragrance which shouldn't be discounted.
Saturday: I really dislike the original YSL Opium perfume but it's little sister fragrance - Black Opium is magical. Be warned, this is really sweet. The fragrance opens up with notes of pink pepper, which is complimented with vanilla and orange blossom. This gorgeously sweet perfume is sure to put a stop to any sweet cravings.
Sunday: I ended the week with the extremely wearable, HUGO Woman. This is the kinda fragrance I'd recommend buying for someone if you don't know what they like as it's so easy to wear. The scent is sprinkled with dark, fruity black plum and black tea. The compelling mixture of heady femininity and masculine intrigue makes this a truly unique perfume unlike anything I've tried before.

Which perfume have you been wearing this week? 

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p.s have you seen I'm giving away 10 of the Witch Overnight Clearing Serums! Enter here to win one for yourself. 

10 May 2015

Weekend Catch-up #3

Is it just me, or was this week a busy one? Either way I'm glad it's the weekend. I hope you've had a great week and have something cool planned for the weekend. But before you go here is my week in beauty bits...

Nailed it I was inspired to paint my nails bright orange after seeing someone wearing a similar shade whilst out shopping. I went home and rummaged through my nail polish stash and came across the SEVENTEEN Nail Colour in Coral Crush. It's a beautiful coral-orange shade which makes your hands look tanned and makes me feel all summery. 
Intimate cleansing Feminine hygiene isn't something that gets me excited. The intimate beauty products out there on the market look really outdated and cringey. New intimate beauty brand SASS have revolutionised the way we think about looking after our lady bits. Keep an eye out for some products reviews! 
New In Missing from my liquid liner collection was a brown shade so I picked up the Revlon Colourstay liner in Brown. You may already know I'm a huge fan of Revlon, especially their liners, so I have high hopes for this.
Pucker Up For Pride Today is your last day to get yourself down to your nearest Elizabeth Arden counter to help raise money for The Royal British Legion in celebration for the 70th Anniversary of VE Day. Elizabeth Arden has long supported women throughout the war effort and even created a red lipstick for female Marines to wear as part of their standard uniform. Elizabeth Arden will donate £5 from every Beautiful Color Moisturising lipstick sold to help The Royal British Legion continue to provide care and support to serving personnel, veterans of all conflicts and their families.
Skincare Freebie Yesterday I posted a skincare giveaway for you lovely lot. I'm giving away 10 bottles of the Witch Overnight Clearing Serum, a personal favourite of mine. You can enter here - good luck! 

9 May 2015

Win 1 of 10 Witch Overnight Clearing Serums

Over the past few months I have been using (and adoring) the Witch Overnight Clearing Serum. It has a light, gel consistency which applies like a dream. The serum absorbs into skin effortlessly and leaves it feeling silky smooth.

The oil free formula works whilst you sleep to minimise existing blemishes, reduce redness and prevent future breakouts. The serum has a luxurious feel to it good enough to rival its more expensive counterparts. Like with all Witch products it contains witch hazel extract which is renowned for tackling spots. It also contains Vitamin B3, known for it's moisturising benefits and promoting an even skin tone. I've been using this for nearly three months now and my skin appears a lot clearer and less oily. I have also been using this in the day as it's the perfect base before applying makeup. This little skincare wonder has become a staple in my skincare routine and I couldn't be without it. 

You lucky lot have been given the chance to win a serum for yourself. I have 10 (!!) bottles to giveaway, so I've popped a form down below so you can enter easily. I've added a few extra options but you can just do one if you wish!
Terms & Conditions 
- UK entries only (sorry!)
- The giveaway closes at midnight on 16th May
- The winners will have 48 hours to get back to me regarding the prize
- There will be 10 winners
Good luck!

3 May 2015

Weekend Catch-Up #2

Aloha! This week has been pretty busy with work but full of beauty bits nonetheless. Last weekend I had a little getaway for my boyfriend's 21st which was full of tea, cake and sunshine (sounds more like his 60th). I hope you like the idea of this new weekly series, I really enjoy writing it!

New in: You know you've a keeper when he surprises you with your favourite beauty products. Body scrubs are my drug. I'm addicted to using them and my all time favourite brand is Soap & Glory. All week I've been indulging in the deliciously sweet (almost edible) scent of the S&G Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub. The oats, brown sugar, honey and banana combination makes this the ultimate evening treat. Praise the Lord for this heavenly tub of goodness(and super nice boyfriend).
Storage Solutions: Fellow beauty-obsessed readers will understand the struggle to store all your beauty bits. My makeup was being stored in a series of mix-match containers which weren't easily accessible and didn't look very pretty. On a trip this week to Home Bargains I spotted 4 little clear draws which are the perfect size for all my makeup. You can imagine how much fun I had organising my lipsticks/eyeliners/foundation...Now I just need somewhere for my perfumes, any suggestions?
Testing out: This week has been all about fragrance. I've had a couple of new launches to try out including the latest offering from Britney Spears. Her perfumes always take me back to my early teens when my 'grown-up' fragrance of choice was 'Curious'. Rocker Femme Fantasy is described as a daring scent with notes of vanilla musk, creamy violet and blackberry liquor.
Nailed it: On my nails this week is 'Rose Nude' by Maybelliene. I'd described it as a seventies pink. It's a mixture between a dusky rose and a nude beige. This has great long-lasting ability too - up to 7 days without chipping.
Wishlist: I had to dig out the miniature toiletries this week as I had a little weekend away. In my makeup bag I took a sample of the Benefit Roller Lash mascara. After getting this free in a magazine I hadn't properly given it a whirl until now. This gave me super long, curly lashes without any clumps! It's the best mascara I've tried in ages.

What have you been up to this week?

2 May 2015

New Nail Polish Shades From COLLECTION

(Touch of glamour, Strawberry gold, Stone grey and Lemon meringue)

A new makeup launch always gets me excited especially when it's from a brand I already love. The new long lasting range offers a budget solution of long wearing nail polishes and lipsticks. Above are two Long Lasting Nail Effects* and two Up To 7 Day Wear Nail Polishes*. The polishes give a high shine finish and have a quick-drying formula. The range consists of 27 on-trend shades so you're spoilt for choice. And at £1.99 a go it would be unethical just to pick up one. To enhance your manicure add a pop of glitter or a matte topcoat for an edgy effect. There are 7 finishes to choose from - I'm currently loving 'Strawberry gold' (£2.99).

Available in Superdrug from 6th May and Boots from 13th May.

1 May 2015

New Hair, New Routine

trevor sorbie colour review
With a new haircut requires new products. Since getting a lob a few weeks ago I thought I'd update you on how it's shaping up. So far, so good - I'm loving the shorter length! Drying time has halved, it's so much easier to style and feels in much better condition. I think I'll be staying at this length for a while.

So not only have I gone for the chop I also said goodbye to my ombre locks. After a few years of dip dyed ends I just wasn't feeling it any more and fancied a change. I picked up a box of the Nice 'n Easy shade Medium Ash Blonde which is quite true to the colour on the packaging. To care for my newly coloured hair I have been using (and loving) the Trevor Sorbie Shampoo & Conditioner* for coloured hair. This stuff is really great at adding shine and keeping colour vibrant. I'm hoping this will help to prolong the colour in-between dye jobs. After washing my hair I'll brush it through with my Wet Brush which is ideal as it doesn't damage hair and is delicate enough for coloured locks.

I LOVE how easy my new cut is to maintain however, I have noticed it can look quite flat if I don't use any styling products on it. To achieve that messy texture of day 2 hair I have been reaching for the dry shampoo for some added volume. I'm sensing Batiste will be coming to the forefront of my new haircare routine. I'll spritze a little onto my roots before massaging in. Because of the recent cut my ends don't feel dry at all but I still like to apply some hair oil whilst it's still damp. The added bonus of shorter hair is that you use less product - hoorah!

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