21 May 2015

A Cleanser For Your Lady Bits

I generally find the feminine hygiene industry to be pretty cringey and outdated. Why would you buy something with the word 'vag' in it? I don't feel very confident about buying products for my lady bits let alone typing the word 'vagina' on here. But I do think it is an issue that should be discussed and I want to help you feel more comfortable buying intimate care products. I've enlisted in the help of new healthcare brand, SASS. 

SASS have created 9 intimate care products to encourage the modern women to take care of their vaginas, we only get one after all! Each product is designed to fit every lifestyle. The range is packaged is sleek, discreet bottles which actually look quite fancy in my shower. I've been trialling a few products from the range, here's how I got on...

Intimate Purifying Cleanser £7
We use a separate cleanser for our face and body so it makes sense to use a different one for lady parts. This is designed to be used as an every day cleanser to keep intimate harmony through its probiotic action, promoting good bacteria. I usually just use water to clean down there -TMI, as is this whole post - as my area isn't very strongly scented. It was a pleasant change to use this creamy cleanser and left me feeling fresh. It's not something I'd use every day but I'll use it once or twice a week to ensure optimum cleanliness. I also think this would be perfect for that time of month when you don't feel your best. 
Smooth and Soothe Shave Gel £10
If you're the kind of person who like to use a separate product for each body part this is going to be a delight. This has been specially designed to be used on your intimate area. The product is clear and non-foaming so you can see precisely where you're shaving. The purifying Salicylic Acid and exfoliating Fruit Enzymes help minimise ingrown hairs and razor bumps. 
Refreshing Mist £8
We are busy ladies and often rushing about, which can make it hard to stay feeling fresh as the intimate area naturally build up odour. This little spray is perfect for popping in your handbag and spritzing anytime, anywhere. Kind of like a facial mist but not for your face...

Would you try any intimate care products from SASS? If you have any questions at all, ANY, feel free to ask. No question is too personal for this topic. Consider this your vagina monologue. This is a safe place.

*pr samples

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  1. I'm so with you, some of the products available make me cringe! And have you noticed that in the adverts they never actually say the word 'vagina', it's always 'your most intimate area' or some other euphemism haha. Having said all that, I actually like the sound of the shaving foam :) xx



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