19 May 2015

Cream vs Powder Blusher Debate

cream vs powder blusher
collection gorgeous glow review
collection speedy sticks review

I love a good beauty debate. Foundation or BB cream? Plastic or bristle wand? Liquid or kohl? Today's beauty question is cream or powder blusher? I've never had a strong relationship with blusher. I'm happy to save when it comes to purchasing so I can splurge out on the things I love such as mascara or concealer. Don't get me wrong, I love the way blusher perks up your complexion but it doesn't get me excited. That is until I tried these new offerings from COLLECTION- now I'm back on the blusher bandwagon!

Fighting in the cream corner are the new COLLECTION Speedy Blush Sticks*. Available in three summery shades these offer a soft hue of colour to the apples of your cheeks. Beginners - these are for you, they are impossible to bodge up.These blend easily and have a velvet finish making them also suitable for oily skin gals. I simply stripe it on and blend in with my fingers. These are a fool-proof option for fellow blush noobs. It's also worth noting that the creaminess of these sticks make them an ideal candidate for lip colour too.

Representing powder products are the new Gorgeous Glow compacts*. These come in two shades - pink (Blush Block) and bronze (Bronze Block). Each palette contains five shimmering hues which swirl together to create a subtle sunkissed glow. I'm favouring the bronzed option for the upcoming warmer months. These aren't overly shimmery but give you a healthy glow like you've just woken up in a sun-lit loft. Their use doesn't end at cheekbones - these also add an appealing gleam to temples, your collarbone and eyes. 

On one hand the Speedy Sticks are perfect for a fuss-free way to add a pinch of colour to your cheeks. But the Gorgeous Glow palettes are so versatile and create a beautiful sunkissed glow. Where do you stand on the blusher debate? Are you #TeamCream or #PowderPosse? I'm still unsure but slightly swaying over to the cream side. Over to you guys, place your vote here

COLLECTION Speedy Sticks and Gorgeous Glow Palettes £3.99 available from Superdrug and Boots.


  1. The older you get, the dryer the skin, so it's dewy looks and moisturising makeup for me, every time. Definitely cream blusher. I've got the Boots No7 peachy stick. Pretty! :)

  2. I actually have no idea where I stand because I love them both! My favourite blusher, and the one I use nearly everyday, is a powder one by The Body Shop but I really like how each cream blushers are to use. Out of these two I'd probably use the blush sticks more :) xx


  3. honest I like to use both. I like to do creams then layer with powders to last all day.


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