26 May 2015

How To Fake A Lie In

how to fake a lie in
When you're extremely low on sleep your face shows it. But before you reach for the coffee I have some superhero products that will make you look like you have had a glorious lie-in in a beautiful sun-lit loft when really you've had 3 hours sleep.

- Start your morning off right with an illuminating serum. The Vichy Life Serum helps to bring life back into your complexion. Gently massage in to combat sluggish skin fast. This light-weight serum contains tiny pearls which instantly perk up your complexion and give it a healthy glow.
- De-puff your eyes with an hydrating eye cream. I currently love the BeautyLab Instant Renewal Eye Complex*. I gently pat this in and I can notice immediately my undereye bags are less noticeable.
- To cover up dark circles use a highlighting concealer like the Elizabeth Arden Correcting and Highlighting Pen*. It has a yellow tint to it making it ideal for blue-y toned shadows.
- Lack of sleep can also cause your eyes to look red. Whenever I want them to appear brighter I'll take a flesh-toned eyeliner and line my waterline. My go to is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Liner in Nude.
- The Seventeen Skin Wow Primer is a new favourite of mine. It's great for perking up your fatigued face as its shimmery particles help you achieve a dewy glow in seconds. On days when I'm feeling really tired I'll use this all over before applying foundation.

Add a bold lip to divert attention from your tiredness and help boost your mood! What do you do when you haven't slept and it shows? 

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  1. I always find using glow inducing products is a great way to fake a good nights sleep! Nude eyeliner is also such a good way to brighten up my eyes x


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