16 June 2015

How to Look Like You've Been On Holiday

It seems like everyone on my Facebook feed is sunning themselves up on some beautiful, Instagram-able retreat. Minus me of course. Instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for myself I decided to rummage through my beauty bits. I give you the products that will fool people into thinking you've spent two weeks away gallivanting on a glorious holiday. After all, who doesn't want to look bronzed, relaxed and rested? It'll be our little secret..

I haven't touched the fake tan for months and that's so unlike me (boyf influence?). To make people question whether you've been away, apply a natural looking faux tan. My all time favourite is the Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan. You can adjust this to go as dark as you want; whether you're after a weekend in St.Tropez golden glow or a two week holiday in Antigua hue. If you're not a fake tan fan opt for a instant mist which is a fool-proof way of adding some colour. I like the new Body Shop Honey Bronze Leg Mist. Simply spray on and rub in for a natural, matte, bronze-y glow. Perfect for fellow pale ladies.
When I return from being on holiday my skin had a subtle glow to it. All that water intake and Vitamin D does wonders for my skin. To get that glow at home use a brightening moisturiser such as the Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser. This wonderful product instantly gives skin a refresh and makes it appear clearer.
Nothing says 'I've been on a beach all week' like summery, bronzed makeup. For a healthy glow apply bronzer all over your face and blend onto your neck. Another Body Shop product I'm loving is the Honey Bronze Bronzer in 02. It's light enough for my fair skin and blends seamlessly. Add a highlighter to the areas where sun would naturally hit for an added sun-kissed glow.
A bright lip always perks me up and makes me feel more confident. It also screams 'hey I just came back from my holiday and I look great so I'm gonna wear a bright lip'. To achieve that holiday vibe I love the The Revlon Moisture Stains. Not only are they named after different destinations, the shade range is AMAZING. 'Miami Fever' is an outrageously bright orange-y red. Once applied it looks quite coral-y and compliments your tanned skin perfectly. These are like a non-sticky lipgloss which leave a stain once dried.

So where are you 'going' this weekend? I fancy Rome..


  1. I love using a bit of fake tan - makes me feel so much more glowing! The Body Shop bronzer sounds lovely x

  2. I’m a new follower and I love your header! The Body Shop have some great products and at such reasonable prices too. I recommend the Clarins Liquid Bronze, it gives such a subtle and buildable tan for the face.


  3. Ooh I didn't realise The Body Shop did fake tan!! My legs are soooooo pasty and white so I love the sound of this mist xx

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