8 June 2015

Say Goodbye to 'Bacne'

get rid of bacne
The skin on your back is more oily than other parts of the body, which can lead to breakouts. Now the weather is getting warmer we tend to sweat more which can cause back ance. I suffer from back blemishes and it's no fun. You don't feel as confident in your new bikini and opt to cover up instead. I have discovered a couple of products that have helped me battle bacne and will hopefully help some of you to.

Switch your normal shower gel to something that contains Glycolic acid and salicylic acid. These two ingredients can help to keep those pesky spots away. You could also opt for an exfoliating body wash to remove dead skin cells like the Australian Bodycare Exfoliating Body Wash*. This is great for cleansing the skin of sweat, oil and suncream. The tea tree scent is refreshing - ideal for balmy summer evenings.

The back is often an area I forget to moisturise but always benefits greatly when I do. I love the Avene XeraCalm Cream for all my dry bits but it's also good for the back area. It has no fragrance and is paraben-free so doesn't clog pores. I've been applying this straight after the shower to get me bacne free in time for my holiday at the end of the month!

What are you tips for combating bacne? 


  1. I don't suffer with spots or back acne but my sister does so I will definitely suggest these products to her x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. I suffered from bacne last summer, great post, I'll definitely look into these products if it comes back! Love your posts, gave you a follow babe :)

    Elle du Jour xx


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