6 July 2015

Dove #100colours Challenge - Holiday

As the weather warms up in the UK I embrace a brighter, bolder wardrobe. The dark, winter shades are put aside and out come a riot of rainbow hues all with delicious anticipation of what summer will bring. There's something about slipping on a colourful dress which just lifts your mood and makes you stand a little taller. Dove are encouraging women this summer to ditch the LBD and swap it for a LCD (little colourful dress). The #100colours challenge comes after the Dove Colour Confidence poll revealed that two thirds of British women would choose a LBD for an event because of its timeless reputation as a timeless classic. Body confidence is also cited as a key factor steering women away from wearing colourful clothes. I think it's time for a refresh of our attitudes, and our wardrobes.

Commenting on the research findings, Pantone Color Institute Director, Leatrice Eiseman says: "choosing colour can make women feel more energised and so wearing red on a Monday gives us great a great start to the week. As an alternative to black, women could incorporate the colour purple as it has a dominant blue undertone and can release tension-fighting endorphins to combat stress. If you're feeling particularly bold - why not break the mould with a vibrant yellow? It stimulates the brain, heightening awareness and making us feel more focused and decisive."

Fashion stylist Alex Longmore continues: "For so long we've seen women choose the LBD because it is seen as the safe option.. it's time we change that! Colour is a chic asset to any wardrobe, especially as we come into summer. Wearing the right tone and shape is very important when wearing colour. I think it is best to always opt for block colours, especially when choosing a little colourful dress. Ladies lets ditch the dull and bring brights to your wardrobe!" 

Her top tip for embracing colour this summer is to introduce it to your wardrobe gradually by investing in an accessory such as a bright handbag, pair of shoes or scarf. "This is a great way to inject colour in your wardrobe, plus it's fun for summer and colour always get compliments. A little colour goes a long way so it will instantly brighten your outfit and you will feel the colourful benefits without a complete wardrobe overhaul."

To celebrate the campaign Dove has challenged me to pick out an array of colourful dresses to get me through the summer months and explore the possibilities that come with embracing colour. My first attempt of defying conventional style and ditching the LBD was during a balmy summer evening on holiday with my boyfriend. I opted for this bright blue maxi dress with an exotic red and yellow floral print. Unlike dark colours, this bold statement dress kept me effortlessly cool in the smouldering heat. It is the perfect piece for taking away on holiday; whether you are floating through morning markets or strolling on sunset shores. I would usually opt for a black dress in the evening but it felt refreshing (and a little scary at first) to go for something bolder. Embracing colour with the help of Dove Invisible Dry made me feel flirty and feminine. The deodorant has given me the confidence to be much more braver with my style choices and as it leaves no white marks at all; the colour possibilities are endless. Dove Invisible Dry has ensured I'll have the most radiant summer ever. Now I have returned from my holiday I'll be sure to keep up this trend as a splash of colour is really uplifting and helps motivate you for the day. 

Will you be embracing a little colour this summer? 

Dove Invisible Dry Deodorant is available at Boots stores nationwide, priced at £3.50.

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  1. That dress is so pretty!



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