25 October 2015

How To Make The Most Of That Extra Hour

The autumnal nip is well and truly in the air.The more the temperature drops the more I find myself layering up my skincare as well as my knitwear. During the colder months I have to invest more TLC into my beauty routine to boost dehydrated skin. When hydration levels are low an extra few minutes spent pampering your skin can make a huge difference. Here are my top moisturisation tips to get you through the winter and help you make the most of that precious hour.

5 mins
Turn your bathroom into a spa-throom by lighting some cute tea lights or a beautifully scented candle. The low light gives the brain a message to relax.
5 mins
Before jumping in the shower take a few minutes to vigorously sweep a body brush up the arms, legs and back towards the heart. This stimulates lymphatic circulation, which helps to eliminate toxins effectively.
10 mins
A facial massage is my favourite way to relax. If you haven't tried it before, you're missing out. A 10 minute massage is all you need to see instant results. Use a facial oil for a hit of hydration.
10 mins 
Exfoliating gently removes dead skin cells from the surface, allowing moisturisers to function effectively. Give skin the superior care it deserves with Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash which leaves skin feeling softer and smoother after just one wash. This feels like a heavenly treat compared with my usual body wash choice.
10 mins
Apply moisturiser to skin whilst damp as it helps your skin retain its moisture. Let it soak in for a few
minutes, then towel off the excess.
10 mins
If your feet are dryer than the Sahara invest in a thick, creamy foot cream to keep them baby soft. Slather your feet in a rich moisturiser and follow by putting on a thick pair of socks. The next morning your tootsies will feel noticeably softer.
10 mins
Before bed take some time to look after your hands as the cold weather can play havoc with them. Gently massage in a cuticle oil to keep dry skin away. Pair this with a thick hand moisturiser and your mitts will feel seriously loved.

Which tip is your favourite? Will you be making the most of the extra hour with some TLC? Don't forget clocks go back October 25th!

12 October 2015

To blog or not to blog?

If you're a reader of my blog or follow me on social media you may have notice things have been quite recently. It was a conscious decision to take a step back from blogging but I never addressed the matter because I didn't really know what to say.

I've been blogging for nearly five years now and lately I've not been enjoying it as much. You know when you get to that stage of not loving something anymore? Although I'm proud of my blog and the opportunities it has given me, I'm unsure of the what direction to take next. I'm struggling to create different, interesting posts. I don't just want to be another beauty blogger reviewing the same products everyone else is. But, at the same time I don't want to quit. Blogging is my escapism. Somewhere I can express my creativity and admiration for beauty. 

I still love reading blogs. It's my favourite thing to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Although you may not be hearing from me as frequently as you have in the past, I'm going to make an effort to make what I publish more suited towards what I'd want to read and not just what everyone else is doing.

If you're feeling the same way about your blog or another passion of yours just know it's ok to feel this way. People change, we grow and we want different things.

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