23 August 2016


I myself am oil obsessed. I slather the stuff on my hair, body, face, cuticles - just about everywhere and anywhere. In the morning I massage my skin with an oil cleanser which helps reduce puffiness. Post showering I'll apply an oil to damp hair and apply a lightweight oil all over my body.

I think one of the biggest misconceptions surrounding oils is that they make you breakout and are a no-go if you have oily skin. In truth, most oils actually work to regulate the over production of oils. They restore barrier function and help maintain skin elasticity and hydration. 

The inclusion of oils in my routine have never reached my shower. Usually my shower experience is purely functionally. We all lead such busy lives, bathing can seem like a chore. However the newest addition to my shower shelf has adjusted my mindset. It has made me question my speedy routine and helped me recognised that a shower can be one of the best things for your well-being. This past week I've been using my bathing time to clear my mind, recharge and refocus.

Massaging an oil gently into skin really helps me to relax and refresh. The new Dove Nourishing Shower Oil is enriched with Moroccan Argan oil which transform into a silky lather. The hints of bergamot in the fragrance are to die for. The oh so heavenly texture feels like a real treat, you can't help but saviour your shower. I thought baths were the optimum of relaxation but this takes the art of bathing to a whole new level. 

Dove Nourishing Care Shower Oil RRP £4.38 avilable here.

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  1. I do love a good oil! You're so right, they make bathroom routines seem so much more luxurious :) xx



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