4 May 2017

Is Your Postcode Killing Your Career?

My very first job provided me with the shortest commute (a three-minute drive) from a big house with the cheapest rent (thanks Mum). I swapped rural Dorest, famous for its sandy beaches and OAPs, for London - famous for having everything else. Including extortionate house prices.

Nearly two skint years on, house and rent prices are continuing to rocket through the roof and my chances of becoming a home-owner before 50 are quickly fading away. My boyfriend and I decided to invest more in our mental health than a property we didn't own.We said no to £6.40 Mocha's. No to £900 monthly rent on our small one bed flat. No to expensive, and unreliable, train journeys. We aren't the only ones being outpriced from London, many others are flocking from the capital to more affordable regions of the UK. From June 2014 to June 2015, more people (77,500 in total) left London than anywhere else.

Both of us are creative types so after some research we settled on Bristol. It has everything we want; affordable office space, regular festivals and events, great food and most importantly, cheaper rent. In September 2016, the average property in Bristol cost £272k. That's £210k cheaper than London's average. In greater London we could afford a small, damp one bed flat but in Bristol we can get a luxury apartment which is still £100 cheaper! It's a no-brainer.

London once loomed large as the place to be to get ahead in your career. While the capital still has plenty of opportunities, it now has more competition. Why not explore the rest of the country before committing. Manchester, Cambridge and Brighton are just a few popular places where ex-londoners have been emigrating to. Your next career move is no longer already mapped out.

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